Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rumor: Todd Tichenor close to becoming Full-Time MLB Umpire

After spending 2011 as MLB's only full-time AAA fill-in umpire, Todd Tichenor may finally be on his way towards receiving an official promotion, if one unconfirmed source is to be believed. The World Umpires Association and Major League Baseball have not announced Tichenor's hiring or potential promotion at this time.

In this day and age of a very social media cognizant world, rumor of Tichenor's impending appointment comes by way of Twitter.

A Kansas-area user (@mrskip_20) spilled the alleged beans last week:
"@NickSwisher Tryin to get a retweet for my boy Ump Todd Tichenor. AAA fill in last season, just passed physical to be fulltime big leaguer!"
Nick Swisher, the New York Yankees outfielder, did not bite.

MLB and other sports leagues generally instruct umpires, referees and officials to refrain from socializing, fraternizing or otherwise engaging in unnecessary conversation with players and coaches during games, officials and players/coaches occasionally exchange cordialities and maintain friendly acquaintanceships, as employees working in the same business might.

For players and coaches, the instruction does not exist in a rules book, but may be imposed by a club.

Swisher might not be completely smitten with this latest rumor, having had at least one on-field argument with Tichenor, prompting Yankees manager Joe Girardi to come onto the field after Tichenor called Swisher out on strikes in July last year.

During a White Sox vs. Yankees contest on April 27, 2011 in which Swisher drew a key third-inning bases-loaded walk, Tichenor ejected Chicago manager Ozzie Guillen for arguing balls and strikes following a correct strike three call against White Sox batter Paul Konerko (see Ejections: Todd Tichenor (1)).

Prior to the 2011 season, the World Umpires Association reported the hiring of umpires Scott Barry, Brian Knight and Dan Bellino on March 11, approximately two weeks prior to opening day. MLB followed suit ten days later, on March 21, 2011.

As MLB's only full-time AAA fill-in last year, Tichenor was considered a full-time MLB umpire for UEFL scoring purposes, receiving two—as opposed to three—base points per ejection.


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Last year, MLB released the crews on January 14th...I guess they should be coming soon also

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