Friday, March 2, 2012

MLB Announces Second Wild Cards, Added Playoff Game: How This Affects Umpire Ejection Fantasy League

Umpire Ejection Fantasy League: Help us decide how MLB's expanded postseason and second wild cards will impact the UEFL in 2012

After several days of speculation, Major League Baseball sent out an official press release, announcing their much-anticipated plan of expanding the postseason to 10 teams in 2012, as opposed to eight, which was the 2011 model. The additional two teams will be comprised of a second Wild Card, one in each league (AL/NL).

The UEFL has long attributed points for postseason umpiring assignments according to the following schedule:

+1 point for a Division Series appearance (+2 for DS Crew Chief)
+2 points for a Championship Series appearance (+3 for CS Crew Chief)
+3 points for a World Series appearance (+4 for WS Crew Chief)

Current Poll: With the new Wild Card playoff game—which is officially and technically part of the postseason, it is not a Game 163 tiebreaker—how should the UEFL attribute postseason points?
Option A: WC = 1 point, DS = 1 point, CS = 2 points, WS = 3 points, -cc = +1 point (any assignment)
Option B: WC = 1, DS = 1, CS = 2, WS = 3, -cc = +1 (DS, CS and WS, but not WC)
Option C: WC = 1, DS = 2, CS = 3, WS = 4, -cc = +1 (any assignment)
Option D: WC = 0 [nothing], DS = 1, CS = 2, WS = 3, -cc +1 (any assignment, including WC)
Option E: WC = 0 [nothing], DS = 1, CS = 2, WS = 3, -cc +1 (DS, CS and WS, but not WC)

In essence, Options A, B, D and E maintain our present DS/CS/WS points structures, Option C adds a point to preserve the sliding scale, Option D only recognizes the WC crew chief and Option E recognizes none of the WC umpires.
*WC = Wild Card, DS = Division Series, CS = Championship Series, WS = World Series, -cc = Crew Chief

How should the UEFL attribute Wild Card postseason play-in assignment points (Rule 4-3)?


Anonymous said...

Option A seems the most fair. At first, Option C looked like it was the one because of the smooth sliding scale, but an extra point in all other rounds is a bit much.

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