Thursday, March 1, 2012

MLB Umpire Alfonso Marquez Gives Back to His Native Mexico

The United States of America hardly owns a monopoly over officiating camps, clinics and schools and MLB umpire Alfonso Marquez—the first and only Mexican born umpire on the big league staff—is back in his native Mexico, doing exactly what umpires like Dana DeMuth, Greg Gibson and Hunter Wendelstedt have done here: Fonsie is giving back.

Márquez, MiLB coordinator Jorge Bauzá and Ted Barrett
in Monterrey. Photo: Liga Mexicana de Béisbol
Marquez and fellow MLB umpire Ted Barrett traveled to El Carmen, Nuevo Leon, Mexico this past week and have been working to train, evaluate and instruct young umpires looking to climb the ladder in baseball's Mexican League (La Liga Mexicana de Béisbol).

In an interview with La Afición, Marquez discussed the enjoyment he takes from giving back, also admitting his next big dreams: to receive a promotion to crew chief and to work a World Baseball Classic, since Marquez was injured and unable to work during the most recent WBC.

Marquez, who was born in Zacatecas, Mexico and presently resides in Arizona, joined the MLB staff during the turmoil in 1999, when many AL and NL umpires tenured their resignations in what would be a failed attempt to gain a more advantageous collective bargaining agreement.

When asked what he misses most about Mexico, Marquez replied, "unas enchiladas y unos buenos tacos." No translation necessary.

Since then, he has worked the 2006 All-Star game, five Division Series, two League Championship Series and two World Series, including the 2011 DS and WS.

Marquez finished the 2011 season with four ejections at 100 percent accuracy and 23 UEFL points, having been named Honorable Umpire of the Year alongside 24-year veteran crew chief Gary Darling.

In 2011, Marquez was the No. 3 umpire on rookie crew chief Ed Rapuano's debut crew, along with Brian O'Nora and Ed Hickox.

Barrett earned 12 points in the 2011 UEFL season, joining Marquez in the 2011 World Series after his own Division Series appearance. Barrett has worked seven DS, four CS and two WS.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see these kinds of umpire stories. From Mike DiMuro's UmpsCare to the instructors at these clinics and camps, it's nice to see a story where the message is positive and especially nice to see this one on the heels of the Evans Academy debacle.

PS: Where did they get those huge jackets LOL

Anonymous said...

Love it! Spring training is just about here, it is baseball time again in America (that's North America, folks)

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