Wednesday, May 2, 2012

CB Bucknor Day-to-Day After Leaving Tuesday's Game

Last night, home plate umpire CB Bucknor exited the Pirates-Cardinals game in the bottom of the 7th inning with an undisclosed injury. Bucknor spoke with crew chief Dale Scott and crewmates Dan Iassogna and Angel Campos in the top half of the inning, while in visible discomfort. After the top half of the inning, Bucknor was tended to by (Cardinals assistant trainer, not the umpire) Chris Conroy. He temporarily remained in the game until Pirates Manager Clint Hurdle made a double switch. During the switch, Iassogna (second base umpire) geared up and took over plate duties. For the remainder of the game, Campos and Scott manned the bases together. 

Bucknor did not umpire in tonight's Pirates-Cardinals game (in which plate umpire Angel Campos ejected Hurdle and Pirates catcher Rod Barajas), as he was replaced by D.J. Reyburn. The type of and extent of Bucknor's injury remains unknown, but is believed to be day-to-day. 


Anonymous said...

Bucknor is back Today umpiring second base.

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