Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olympic Soccer Ejection: Wilmar Roldan

Olympic referee Wilmar Roldan ejected Swiss MF Oliver Buff (2nd yellow-red) for flopping in the 78th minute of the Gabon-Switzerland contest Thursday. Dribbling the ball through the top of the penalty box, Buff split two Gabon defenders before tumbling to the ground in search of a penalty shot call. Instead, Roldan immediately issued the simulation-diving (flopping) yellow card, which, by virtue of the card being Buff's second, automatically resulted in a red and an Olympic soccer ejection. Replays indicate Buff was not fouled by either defender and went to the ground on his own, the call was correct. At the time of the ejection, the contest was tied, 1-1. The match ultimately ended in a draw, 1-1.

Wilmar Alexander Roldán Pérez is a 32-year-old Columbian football referee, associated domestically since 2003 and with FIFA since 2008. He officiated the Copa América tournament in 2011.

Wrap: Gabon at Switzerland, 7/26/12
Video: Swiss player Oliver Buff fakes a foul, is penalized and ejected


UmpsRule said...

I love it. Time to crack down like this in basketball too.

Anonymous said...

I challenge!

I think he was triped lol jk haha.


Soccer sucks

Anonymous said...

They're cleaning up that sport and it's high time. Good job by FIFA and the referee!

RichMSN said...

I'm surprised they didn't bring out the magic spray (sponge in the old days) that miraculously cures the person that's been "fouled."

Anonymous said...

One of Spain's defenders was also sent off in Japans shocker. That call was a joke, but this one is correct.

Anonymous said...

wally bell in for layne in MIA? vanover can't be acting CC??

Anonymous said...

Wally Bell is going to be the next full time CC!! I personally like Wally because he has filled in on numerous time for John Hishbeck, and he creates very little controversy. He is one of the most underrated umpires.

OSheaman said...

Ahahahahaha oh man that was the best thing I've watched all week. I love soccer but the diving (especially in international play) has gotten completely out of hand.

Anonymous said...

That was no dive. It also wasn't a penalty, but if you watch it in slow motion it's clear that his foot clipped either the back of his knee or the Gabon defender's leg. The way he planted his right foot as he fell is totally inconsistent with a dive.

This is why soccer refs have such a difficult job, and why they hand out so few yellow cards for flopping. It's incredibly hard to determine intent at full speed.

I think that FIFA should start handing out retroactive suspensions for flopping, after video review. This instance would not qualify.

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