Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fighting Ejections: Kelvin Bultron (AAA)

Video of Hill-Exposito Fight: HP Umpire Kelvin Bultron ejected Koyie Hill & Luis Exposito for fighting Friday night during a AAA International League contest between Hill's Syracuse Chiefs and Exposito's Norfolk Tides.

Skipping ahead to the real action in the bottom of the sixth inning, during a series in which Hill and Tides pitcher Brian Matusz alternated stepping out of the batter's box and off of the pitcher's plate, respectively, Exposito and Hill made comments to one another as umpire Bultron stepped in between the two to gauge the situation. After Exposito arose from his crouch and removed his mask to confront Hill, Bultron quickly sidestepped the pending skirmish, finding himself out of harm's way just as Hill made a lunge at Exposito, sending the duo tumbling to the ground to the right of home plate.

Though benches cleared, only Hill & Exposito actually parcipated in the fracas, resulting in both players being ejected on a night marketed by Syracuse as Breast Cancer Awareness Night (note the pink jersey numbers).

Said Chiefs starting pitcher Zach Duke, "Koyie’s got a lot of fire in him. He was a wrestler growing up, he's got a little mean streak in him. It's good to see a little fire."

While working MLB Spring Training 2012, Bultron was listed as "Kevin Bultron."

Video: Koyie Hill Tackles Luis Exposito in Minor League Baseball Brawl


Anonymous said...

Expert tackle. Nicely executed. Reminds me of old-time baseball. Classic stuff

Anonymous said...

LOL at the music coming over the PA system. Reminds me of McClelland's ejection in AZ

Russ said...

FWI, these were Bultron's 7th and 8th ejections of the season which leads the International League.

Anonymous said...

KELVIN, not Kevin.

UmpsRule said...

@ Russ

Is there a list somewhere for AAA ejections?

Russ said...

Umpsrule, there is not a list but I have been keeping track of them myself. I will list them if anyone wants me to.

UmpsRule said...

Yes, please, please, please, PLEASE, PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

Hard to see it on a 1 inch screen.

Russ said...

Sorry that the Formating is kind of weird, but here are the International League Ejections for 2012 so far. I can get into more details such as who these Umpires ejected and what the call was if you want me to. The Pacific Coast League should be coming soon. Crew Members are listed as rank from top to bottom. ie, First name is CC, 2nd name is the number 2 etc.

International League Ejections
Crew 1 # of Ejections
*Mark Lollo- 1
Kelvin Bultron- 8
Sean Barber- 4

Crew 2 # of Ejections
*David Rackley- 3
Brad Myers- 4
Travis Carlson- 3

Crew 3 # of Ejections
*Toby Basner- 0
Adam Hamari- 3
Seth Buckminster- 2

Crew 4 # of Ejections
*Chris Ward- 6
Jeff Gosney- 0
AJ Johnson- 4

Crew 5 # of Ejections
*Craig Barron- 2
Jon Byrne- 6
Will Little- 5

Crew 6 # of Ejections
*Chad Whitson- 2
Gerald Ascani- 5
Jon Saphire- 5

Crew 7 # of Ejections
*David Soucy- 1
Ben May- 0
Marcus Pattillo- 1

Rovers/AA Call-Ups # of Ejections
Mike Estabrook- 1
Chris Conroy- 1
Manny Gonzalez- 0
Wally Bissett- 1
Andy Dudones- 0

Anonymous said...


If there is not site to track all of these how do you track them yourself?

Russ said...

I check the box scores on milb.com every day and have had a running list of ejections since the start of the season that I update daily. I also have milb.tv which is exactly like MLB.TV except it is WAY cheaper. I use that to watch ejections, plus I love Minor League Baseball.

Lindsay said...

Russ may very well be miUEFL to our MLUEFL, if you will, and we truly enjoy Russ's contributions and presence here!

Anonymous said...

to bad you can never get video for milb ejections.

UmpsRule said...

Thanks Russ. Much appreciated!

Turducken said...

Seen Gosney quite a few times live -- he's pretty solid. Have to think with his on-field performance and his role at the PBUC will place him in the Majors sooner than one would think.

Russ said...

Pacific Coast League Ejections:

Crew 1 # of Ejections
*John Tumpane-1
Brian Sinclair-2
Quinn Wolcott-3

Crew 2 # of Ejections
*Mark Ripperger-1
Tripp Gibson-2
Stu Scheurwater-1

Crew 3 # of Ejections
*Clint Fagan-4
Brett Robson-6
Nick Bailey-2

Crew 4 # of Ejections
*Eric Loveless-2
Matt Schaufert-5
Scott Mahoney-3

Crew 5 # of Ejections
*Barry Larson-3
Kellen Levy-2
Brian Hertzog-1

Crew 6 # of Ejections
*Shaun Francis-5
Jason Arends-10 (Leads all of Triple A)
Joel Hospodka-1

Crew 7 # of Ejections
*Michael Lusky-1
Stephen Barga-1
Jimmy Volpi-0

Crew 8 # of Ejections
*Mike Jarboe-7
Chris Segal-3
Brandon Misun-1

Rovers/Retirees/Call-Ups # of Ejections
Angel Campos 5
DJ Reyburn 0
Lance Barrett 2
Mike Muchlinski 0
Jordan Baker 4
Tyler Funnemann (Retired) 5

Russ said...

Baker is a really interesting case. He started the year as the number 2 on Clint Fagan's crew. Then when Tyler Funnemann retired on June 15th, Fagan switched to Funnemann's crew and Baker took over as CC for Fagan's crew. Recently, Baker has been getting called up more and more and isnow already a Rover after being a CC for about 1 month. For those of you who don't follow Milb, this is really rare and almost unprecendented. First year Umpires don't usually get CC jobs let alone become rovers. It is clear tha Baker is on a track faster than anyone I have ever seen before, even Bellino. I am fairly certain he will get a full time job within the next 3 years and pass up candidates who have put in more time but that's just how life goes. So Mike Jarboe, who was the number 3 on Fagan's crew to start the year is a CC. They felt comfortable with that because Jarboe has more experience than a lot of the number 2's. He was just put on a really veteran crew this season.

Russ said...

I forgot about Cory Blaser. He is a Rover and has 0 ejections this season. Him and Toby Basner are the only three Umpires to have 0 ejections in Triple A and the Majors this season.

Anonymous said...

Baker is not in his first year of AAA. This is his second!

Russ said...

First full year in Triple A though. He became a full time Triple A Umpire midway through last season. He took Chris Tiller's spot when Tiller was fired/resigned (not sure why he left)in May of last season. My point was that Baker is on an extremely fast rise.

MarkC18 said...

Russ...I understand your point and you are correct about Baker moving up quickly. He actually got promoted about 2 or 3 weeks into the season last year so he was up almost the entire year last.

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