Monday, August 27, 2012

Track & Field Official Killed in Javelin Throw Accident

A sports judge has died after being struck in the throat by a javelin throw at a German youth track meet in Duesseldorf, resulting in the immediate cancellation of the Wilhelm Unger Games.

74-year-old athletics sports official Dieter Strack was reportedly taking a measurement of a previous athlete's javelin throw when he was struck in the throat by a subseqent contestant's javelin, the spear exiting through Strack's neck, severing his carotid artery and causing severe and fatal blood loss.

According to the USA Track & Field's Throwing Officials' Manual, which is similar to international guidelines, field judges should remain at least 15 feet away from where they anticipate a throw will land, though IAAF measurement timing regulations may require an official to respond to a mark before the projectile falls, while the triangulation method may delay a mark from being achieved immediately.

Nonetheless, USATF recognizes the severe hazards associated with discuss, hammer and javelin officiating safety, suggesting that all throwing officials carry, among other devices, band aids and ear plugs (for events near starter). It is unknown whether Strack was wearing ear plugs at the time nor whether he had any warning of the fatal throw.

News: German police: Javelin Kills Athletics Official, 74


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That sucks. This is something I expect to see in a SIMPSONS or FAMILY GUY episode, but not real life. I am not being glib or anything here, but at least he was 74 and not some young kid whose life was cut short (I mean, looking at this GLASS HALF FULL completely, since my statement by itself seems non-compassionate!).

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