Friday, September 7, 2012

MiLB Ejection of the Week: Rich Gonzalez

Has Chicago found its next Hawk Harrelson in the minor leagues? This week's Minor League Baseball ejection of the week comes to us from Winston-Salem during the post-season matchup between the Class-A Advanced Myrtle Beach Pelicans and W-S Dash and features HP Umpire Rich Gonzalez.

Rich Gonzalez makes the "out" call at home plate.
Down by one game heading into Game 2 of the Carolina League Southern Division's Pelicans-Dash series, W-S needed a victory to keep its playoff hopes alive. Down 2-1 in the bottom of the third inning, the following took place:

HP Umpire Rich Gonzalez ejected Dash Manager Tommy Thompson for arguing an out call. With one out and one on, Dash batter Daniel Wagner hit a 0-1 fastball from Pelicans pitcher Joe Van Meter to center field as baserunner R3 Chris Curley prepared to tag from third with the tying run. As Pelicans center fielder Teodoro Martinez's throw to catcher Vincent DiFazio arrived at home plate, so did Curley, who replays indicate slid under and ahead of DiFazio's tag, replays suggest the call may have been incorrect. At the time of the ejection, the Pelicans were leading, 2-1. The Dash ultimately won the contest, 5-3.

Nonetheless, perhaps the most striking feature of this play was "Voice of the Dash" Brian Boesch, who channeled his inner Hawk Harrelson in chiding Gonzalez in between his pitch-calling during the ensuing fourth inning. The Dash are a minor league affiliate of the Chicago White Sox.

With remarks such as, "This isn't an opinion, this is a fact: That was an absolutely atrocious call by home plate umpire Rich Gonzalez," and "Rich Gonzalez missed the call in the postseason, that's a shame," to go along with characterizations of, "Gonzalez's terrible call," and "that wasn't even close ... the throw was caught above DiFazio's head," and the raw emotion of "Wow .... man, that's just frustrating when you deserve a run and you don't get one," it appears the Sox may be developing more than just player talent down on the farm.

Wrap: Myrtle Beach Pelicans at Winston-Salem Dash, 9/6/12
Video: Gonzalez calls the out at home, Brian Boesch continues his scathing critique during the next inning


tmac said...

Man that is hard to watch.... BUT we have several reasons for this missed call.... The umpire needs to read the throw better once the tail takes the throw up 3rd base line and high/deep you CAN NOT take the call from fair territory/in front of the plate. Let's bear something in mind though in defense of the kid (whiom i don't know) many/most MILB umpires are not seasoned... This could be this kid's 3rd or 4th year umpiring PERIOD. because MILB wants young people they can mold you get some who fall through the cracks.

We all know this play could be tough but the call is easy.... Unfortunately not all umpires perform well under pressure.

Here's to hoping he learns and gets better.. as that should be what we ALL are trying to do no matter what game/level we are working?

Anonymous said...

What would be the ideal position to take this call from? Just regular 3B line extended?

Anonymous said...

Im not saying this is what happened but the catcher might of had the plate blocked and the runner actually never touched the plate and that is why he was out. I doubt it but its possible. I went to umpire school with this guy and I didnt even get invited to pbuc. Shows how bad of an umpire I must be. Or Wendelstedt is just horrible at picking the right people to get a job!

Anonymous said...

...or this is just one mistake in a season PBUC deemed worthy of post-season baseball.

Anonymous said...

I didnt realize there was anyone out there that was that passionate about single A ball. I thought all announcers in that low of baseball were just inturns. Still funny annoucing though.

Anonymous said...

The kid had a close call at the plate. Looked like he was in position. Maybe he called it to quickly. It happens. Life goes on.

Russ said...

Gary Darling ejected Clint Hurdle. Darling called Brett Jackson safe at third base on a Fielders Choice. Replays show the call was incorrect by Darling, but it looked like Hurdle wanted to get ejected. Darling gave him plenty of time to leave and he would not.

Anonymous said...

anon @5:14:
Pbuc doesn't select umpires for post-season, the League does. PBUC can make recommendations; however, the CL uses the guys who have been in the league the longest.

SJR said...

"That's it, I'm done."

I was done listening to this tool long before the length of this clip. Hey, UmpsRule, if you ever extend your worst broadcasting award of the year to the minors, I think you have your winner. That's it, I'm done.

Anonymous said...

Good to see that Tommy Thompson still hates Tommy Thompson. Why any organization would hire this individual . He belongs in independent ball if not out of the game all together.

Anonymous said...

I personally know richie great guy looks like he got a good look. Looks like the catcher had the plate blocked pretty well. The camera angle here is absolutely horrible so anyone who says he go the call right or wrong is full of it

Anonymous said...

From the camera angle, he definitely looks safe. A better angle may show something different.

Most MiLB broadcasters are either interns or employees of the team in some other capacity that also broadcast the games on the radio.


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