Sunday, November 11, 2012

Results: 2012 Rules Summit

The Umpire Ejection Fantasy League's 2012 Rules Summit has concluded its first round of voting. The following includes a list of proposals and initiatives which have been adopted and those rejected or subject to further review by the UEFL Office of the Commissioner. These proposals are now rules and will take immediate effect. To view the unabridged 2013 UEFL Rules Book, click here or visit the "UEFL Rules Book" tab on the UEFL Portal.

**The 2012 Summit has resulted in the necessitation of a run-off vote. Click here to jump to this ballot.**

Key: Measures in bold have passed and are now rules. Proposals in italics did not pass and are not adopted.

1-3: Addition of Second Primary Umpire (55%). UEFL'ers will draft 1 Chief + 2 Primary + 2 Secondary.
1-4-a: Abolition of Permutation Restriction (56%). UEFL'ers' secondary umpires may now be identical.

4-2-b: Modification to Eliminate Loss of Points (40%). QOC points structure will remain at 2012 levels.

5-3: Tie-Breaker Procedure (72%). The three proposed tie-breaker criteria have been adopted.

6-1: Required Charge of Appeal (82%). The UEFL will now require challengers to post reasons for appeal.
6-2-b-2: Miller Rule Unit Conversion (72%). Units will now appear in feet as opposed to norm_ht.
6-4-a-4: Codification of Voting Systems (73%). UEFL & Board voting procedures will now be codified.
6-5-c: Pitching Change Exemption (72%). The proposed exemption has been adopted.
6-5-c-3: Irrecusable QOC Penalty (45%). QOC points structure will remain at 2012 levels.
6-6-b-5-c: Equipment Throwing QOC (42%). Current format has been preserved.
6-6-b-8: "Scott Rule" (41%). QOC will not be deemed irrecusable by default for applicable ejections.

7-2: Box Score Errors (80%). Clearly erroneous official information may now be corrected.

8-1: Posting Guidelines (93%). Rudimentary guidelines and moderation standards have been established.
8-1: *Posting Anon vs. Username* (28 vs. 56%). Sent to UEFL Rules Committee for further review.

Appeals-1: *Albertaumpire* (50% [Simple]). Run-off sua sponte. All voters may cast one ballot (Y/N).
Appeals-2: RichMSN (69%). RichMSN is elected to the 2013 Appeals Board.
Appeals-3: tmac (73%). tmac is elected to the 2013 Appeals Board.
Appeals-4: yawetag (54%). yawetag is elected to the 2013 Appeals Board.

Please note that preliminary registration for the 2013 UEFL has begun and may be accessed using this form. Standard registration, appeals board nomination and sign up information, including information regarding the Crew, Primary and Secondary Umpires' drafts, will be available in February 2013. If you have filled out a preliminary registration, you will receive an e-mail at that time.

Click the below "Read more" link to access the run-off election ballot. It will close Thursday at 11:59 PM PT.


Cricket said...

I am a bit disappointed the Scott Rule did not pass. We currently have questionable precedent between 006 Scott (2012) and 114 Tim Welke (2012) that will need to be addressed next season; I felt a statutory change would most easily do this. Oh well, the people have spoken.

Gil, is BillMueller not serving on Board of Appeals this season?

kickersrule said...

How are we still keeping the same point system? Last I saw the change was in the lead.

tmac said...

There appear to have been MAJOR voting irregularities!!

cyclone14 said... there a way to permit each person to only vote once??

Lindsay (@LindsayImber) said...

As tmac alluded to, several ballots were discounted after the appearance of voting irregularities. We are presently satisfied with our implementation measures in correcting for these issues, though we are looking into further ways to safeguard the process.

For this reason, the above run-off ballot's results will not be publicly viewable "in real time."

@RealDonaldTrump said...

Go back and look through AlbertaUmpire's decisions and lousy explanations. Not worthy of re-election.

Lindsay said...

Official Run-Off Results

Proposal 13: UEFL Appeals Board
Shall Albertaumpire be elected to the 2013 Appeals Board?
Yes, 43% (20)
No, 55% (26)

Anonymous said...

What happens next? Aren't there two openings now?

Gil said...

The vacant seats will be filled during our Spring Training draft prior to the season.

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