Saturday, November 17, 2012

Roster: Arizona Fall League Championship Game

Umpires for the Arizona Fall League Championship Game (Peoria Javelinas vs. Salt River Rafters) are:

Home Plate: Travis Carlson (IL [2012], Southern League [2010-11 + '11 All-Star Game], Florida St [08-09]).
First Base: Quinn Wolcott (PCL [2011-12], Southern League [2009-10 + '10 All-Star Game]).
Second Base: Seth Buckminster (IL [2012], Texas League [2010-11], California League [2009]).
Third Base: Nick Bailey (PCL [2012 + XM Futures Game], Texas League [2011], Southern League [2010]).

Wrap: Peoria Javelines vs. Salt River Rafters, 11/17/12


Anonymous said...

Nick Baily nailed a nut cutting tag up call. Carlson stepped all over his dick and they had to get together brefore Baily called the runner out for leaving early. I believe Baily has left the fall league in better shape then his counterparts.

Anonymous said...

Carlson stepped on his dick??? Were you watching? They appealed home, then wanted an answer from Carlson, so he gave them one: safe on their incredibly moronic appeal of HOME PLATE. Bailey got them together because apparently he wasn't sure what Carlson's call was regarding. He should know that Carlson's call was regarding the plate but can't fault him for wanting to get together and make sure a double-call was not made.

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