Saturday, November 17, 2012

Roster: World Baseball Classic Qualifiers 3 & 4

Umpires working the final World Baseball Classic qualifiers have arrived in Panama City's Rod Carew National Stadium, Panama and New Taipei City's XinZhuang Stadium, Taiwan.

Beginning with Team Philippines' 8-2 defeat of Thailand on Thursday, Qualifiers 3 & 4 follow the six-game, modified double elimination format of WBC Qualifiers 1 & 2 (Jupiter, Florida & Regensburg, Germany). The following is a list of umpires, many taken from the minor league ranks, who have made an appearance during the WBC qualifying 3 & 4 stage, along with their country of representation. This list will be updated throughout the qualification stage of the tournament:

Umpire John Tumpane and his crew.
Qualifier 3, Rod Carew National Stadium, Panama City, Panama
Toby Basner (USA; International League [IL])
Angel Campos (USA; Pacific Coast League [PCL])
Clint Fagan (USA; PCL)
Jair Fernandez (Mexico; Mexican League [LMB])
Domingo Polanco (Dominican Republic; Dominican League [LD])
Cesar Valdes (Cuba)

Qualifier 4, XinZhuang Stadium, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Su Won Choi (South Korea; Korean Baseball Organization [KBO])
D.J. Reyburn (USA; PCL)
Mark Ripperger (USA; PCL)
Kouichi Tanba (Japan; Nippon Professional Baseball [NPB])
John Tumpane (USA; PCL)
David Kulhanek (Czech Republic; Confederation of European Baseball [CEB])


Gil said...

For those curious, Cesar Valdes (Qualifier 3 in Panama) is also the umpire who tackled a protester who intruded upon the field at Camden Yards during an international exhibition between the Orioles and Cuban national team in 1999. Jeff Kellogg is the only other professional umpire to have tacked a fan at Camden (2012).

David said...

Choi is from Korean Pro League ;)

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