Sunday, December 2, 2012

NBA Ejections: John Goble (1)

Referee John Goble ejected Knicks forward Rasheed Wallace for a second technical during the 1st period of the Suns-Knicks game. With 1:14 remaining in the 1st quarter, Wallace was called for a personal foul on Suns forward Luis Scola and a first technical foul for excessive dead ball contact on Scola. After Suns guard Goran Dragic attempted and missed the technical free throw, Wallace yelled, "Ball don't lie," and received a technical foul for unsporting conduct (overt actions indicating resentment to a call; prolongued/continued reaction [Rule 12-A-V-d-3]) in violation of the NBA's Respect for the Game guidelines, his second technical foul. At the time of the ejection, the Knicks were leading, 24-14. The Knicks ultimately won the contest, 106-99.

2012 TFFL: Day 33 (2 Games, 4 Technicals), Technical Fouls 225-228.
225: 71 Rodney Mott, 30 John Goble, 61 Courtney Kirkland. Suns' Beasley; 1st, 5:43.
226: 71 Rodney Mott, 30 John Goble, 61 Courtney Kirkland. Knicks' Wallace; 1st, 1:14 (consec-227).
227: 71 Rodney Mott, 30 John Goble, 61 Courtney Kirkland. Knicks' Wallace; 1st, 1:14 (consec-226).
Ejection: Knicks forward Rasheed Wallace ejected (second technical foul).
The New York Knicks ultimately won the contest, 106-99.

228: 23 Jason Phillips, 63 Derek Richardson, 31 Scott Wall. Magic's McRoberts; 3rd, 0:53.1.

2012-13 TFFL Standings Update
1. (49 pts) ump89, youthministeradam.
3. (48 pts) flasherasher.
4. (46 pts) Eagle_12.
5. (45 pts) Bino, Niicker, cyclone14, yawetag.

Wrap: Phoenix Suns vs. New York Knicks, 12/2/12
Video: Wallace exclaims "Ball don't lie" after missed Technical free throw, receives #2 and is tossed


Russ said...

This seems like a weak ejection by Goble, who is one of the best young Officials in the NBA. That phrase just does not seem like grounds for ejection. I have a feeling the fact that he yelled it is the reason the ejection occurred.

wwjd said...

It's also Rasheed his reputation proceeds him

Jack said...

wwjd is right bout Sheed's reputation. Ever since Wallace came back, the big question was not if but WHEN he would be ejected for the first time. And yelling that message after the FT is a pretty clear indication of his continued disagreement with the call. In basketball, that's an automatic T - it's not Goble's fault the T limit is two, but not three.

JP said...

Sometimes you have to know the history. Rasheed's rep and the fact that last week he yelled that phrase five or six times during free throws in a similar situation. The league may have told the officials not to put up with it anymore.

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