Friday, December 21, 2012

Website Temporarily Unavailable

Greetings all,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, new content on Close Call Sports will be unavailable for an indefinite period of time. Existing content will remain visible. We apologize for this inconvenience though rest assured, TFFL and other CCS content will continue to be created "off-line" and will be uploaded to the website when the issue is resolved.

Thank you and most pleasant regards for this holiday season,


David Drewek said...

ah shit. Its the end of the world!

Gil said...

Well, we tried to get away (actually, it's an internet access problem), but the UEFL curse pulls us right back in—even in basketball season!

Enjoy your four ejections... NBA Ejections: Zarba, Goble & Poole (x4); TFFL Day 52

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