Saturday, February 9, 2013

NCAAB: Yes, He Can. Remaining in Game with 2 Technicals

During Saturday's Ole Miss-Missouri game, a fighting incident occurred during the contest's second half. With 7:30 remaining in the second period, Missouri Tigers forward Alex Oriakhi committed a flagrant one foul against Rebels guard Marshall Henderson, provoking an unsportsmanlike dead ball incident during which a brief fighting incident transpired. Ole Miss Rebels forward Reginald "Reggie" Buckner was ejected from the contest with a flagrant Class A technical foul for fighting (threw punch) while officials Anthony Jordan (Referee), Patrick Evans (U1) and Tim Clougherty (U2) issued Class A technical fouls to Tigers forward Laurence Bowers and Rebels forward Murphy Holloway for their respective unsportsmanlike conduct.

The tech was Bowers' second of the contest, leaving some fans—not to mention the CBS broadcast crew—questioning why Bowers was not ejected for receiving two technicals.

Were Jordan, Evans and Clougherty correct in allowing Bowers to remain in the contest?

Video: Bowers hangs on the rim and is assessed a Class B technical foul pursuant to NCAA Rule 10-6-1-f
Video: Bowers receives his second T of the game during a charged fight to Buckner, but is not tossed (Soon)

In short, yes. Though Bowers did in fact receive a prior technical foul, his infraction was for grasping a basket in an excessive and emphatic manner, an action which by rule is not deemed unsporting (10-6-1-f). Specifically, NCAA Rules stipulate this non-unsporting technical foul shall be deemed a Class B technical foul.

Under the college rule, a player must be ejected after being assessed: two Class A technical fouls (10-5-a:f), one flagrant technical A foul, or one Class A and two Class B technical fouls. Individuals actively participating in a fight shall be ejected and subject to suspension (10-7).

Because Bowers possessed one Class A and just one Class B technical foul, his penalties did not qualify for automatic ejection pursuant to Rule 10-5-Ejection, allowing him to remain in the contest.

This rule is similar in principle to, for instance, NFHS high school's direct vs. indirect technical fouls charged to a head coach. In NBA basketball, a player receiving two such technical fouls shall be ejected.

The Missouri Tigers ultimately won the contest, defeating the Ole Mis Rebels, 98-79.


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