Friday, March 8, 2013

Roster: 2013 World Baseball Classic Umpires

The 2013 World Baseball Classic umpires who have and will appear on the field during the tournament represent 12 countries. Each pool has a standard of six umpires assigned (USA venues may use more):

First Round's Pool A (Fukuoka, Japan) [* Indicates Umpire Selected to 2nd Round in Tokyo]
Gerry Davis (USA)*
Chris Guccione (USA)*
Poong-Ki Kim (South Korea)
Alfonso Marquez (USA/Mexico)*
Carlos Rey (Puerto Rico)*
Felix Tejada (Dominican Republic)*

First Round's Pool B (Taichung, Taiwan) [* Indicates Umpire Selected to 2nd Round in Tokyo]
Trevor Grieve (Canada, far right) also worked WBC Qualifier 1 in
Jupiter, Florida. Pictured, from L-to-R, are Quinn Wolcott (USA/PCL),
Sean Barber (USA/IL) and Jairo Mendoza (Nicaragua). [Baseball CA]
Lance Barksdale (USA)
Paul Emmel (USA)
Greg Gibson (USA)
Trevor Grieve (Canada)* [Also worked Qualifier 1]
Kenjiro Mori (Japan)
Cesar Valdes (Cuba) [Also worked Qualifier 3]

First Round's Pool C (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Dan Bellino (USA)
Eric Cooper (USA)
Jair Fernandez (Mexico) [Also worked Qualifier 3]
Ed Hickox (USA)
Paul Hyham (Australia)
Jesus Miller (Mexico)

First Round's Pool D (Phoenix, Arizona)
Brian Gorman (USA)
Brian Knight (USA)
Miguel Hernandez (Venezuela)
Kwang-Nam Na (South Korea)
Jim Reynolds (USA)
Todd Tichenor (USA) [Worked just one game of Pool D]
Michael Ulloa (Spain) [Also worked Qualifier 2]

Second Round's Pool 2 (Miami, Florida)
Angel Hernandez (USA/Cuba)
Marvin Hudson (USA)
Edgar Estivison (Panama)
Paul Hyham (Australia)
Katsumi Manabe (Japan)
Mark Wegner (USA)

Championship Round (San Francisco, California)
Ted Barrett (USA)
Wally Bell (USA)
Edgar Estivision (Panama) [From Pool 2]
Trevor Grieve (Canada) [From Qualifier 1, Pool B and Pool 1]
Paul Hyham (Australia) [From Pool C and Pool 2]
Bill Miller (USA)
Remaining International Umpires To Be Determined.


Lindsay said...

It looks like Brian Knight has changed his number from 91 to 30. Also, Mark Wegner is now number 14. I saw Wegner as number 14 during a Dominican Republic-Yankess scrimmage on Wednesday. I am not sure where that leaves Bill Miller and Rob Drake number wise but these are changes that I have seen so far.

Lindsay said...

It's good Team USA got eliminated when they did, with WBC rules prohibiting umpires from officiating the finals if their country is part of it. MLB would be up in arms if Americans made the finals and one of the league's own umps wasn't behind the plate!

Lindsay said...

It wouldn't have made a difference. With a couple exceptions due to double headers, MLB umpires work home plate in every game, even those involving USA. If US made it there would still have been 3 MLB umps working it with one on the plate.

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