Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Source: 2013 MLB Umpire Crew List

2013 MLB Umpire Crew information is now available and listed on the MLB Umpire Roster page.

Like last year's news break, the 2013 crews have not been officially released though this unofficial story provided by a UEFL source will again assist UEFL'ers in preperation for the Crew Chief phase of the UEFL draft, whose deadline remains March 29, 2013, despite this early report. Ah, baseball.

The following umpiring crews have been established, tentatively, for the 2013 MLB regular season:
CrewCrew ChiefUmpire 2Umpire 3Umpire 4
Crew A12 Gerry Davis6 Mark Carlson58 Dan Iassogna91 Brian Knight
Crew B32 Dana DeMuth55 Angel Hernandez39 Paul Nauert88 Doug Eddings
Crew C36 Tim McClelland35 Wally Bell18 Brian Runge*51 Marvin Hudson
Crew D17 John Hirschbeck61 Bob Davidson77 Jim Reynolds92 James Hoye
Crew E3 Tim Welke57 Mike Everitt60 Marty Foster87 Scott Barry
Crew F5 Dale Scott14 Bill Miller54 C.B. Bucknor97 Todd Tichenor
Crew G22 Joe West34 Sam Holbrook49 Andy Fletcher30 Rob Drake
Crew H37 Gary Darling41 Jerry Meals1 Bruce Dreckman50 Paul Emmel
Crew I38 Gary Cederstrom44 Kerwin Danley23 Lance Barksdale85 Vic Carapazza
Crew J24 Jerry Layne53 Greg Gibson21 Hunter Wendelstedt64 Alan Porter
Crew K9 Brian Gorman27 Larry Vanover11 Tony Randazzo79 Manny Gonzalez
Crew L8 Jeff Kellogg56 Eric Cooper43 Paul Schrieber75 Chad Fairchild
Crew M20 Tom Hallion46 Ron Kulpa10 Phil Cuzzi68 Chris Guccione
Crew N33 Mike Winters47 Mark Wegner63 Laz Diaz95 Tim Timmons
Crew O66 Jim Joyce45 Jeff Nelson28 Jim Wolf15 Ed Hickox
Crew P65 Ted Barrett72 Alfonso Marquez16 Mike DiMuro2 Dan Bellino
Crew Q25 Fieldin Culbreth7 Brian O'Nora52 Bill Welke80 Adrian Johnson
*Umpire has not yet been observed or otherwise seen in Spring Training nor the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

The annual MLB Umpire Crew list always solicits excitement and signifies yet another step on the March trek to Opening Day and April baseball. The UEFL has compiled the following notable features of this list:

New Chiefs' Crews: The three new Chiefs have picked up crewmates of retireds and others.
» Jim Joyce: Jeff Nelson (formerly of Tschida's crew), Jim Wolf (Cousins) and Ed Hickox (Rapuano).
» Ted Barrett: Alfonso Marquez (Hallion), Mike DiMuro (Hirschbeck/Joyce) and Dan Bellino (Layne).
» Fieldin Culbreth: Brian O'Nora (Hallion), Bill Welke (Tschida) and Adrian Johnson (Cederstrom).

This view portrays the dissolution and reassignment of Ed Rapuano, Tim Tschida and Derryl Cousins' crews.
» Derryl Cousins: Ron Kulpa (to Tom Hallion's 2013 crew), Jim Wolf (Jim Joyce) and AAA Fill-In (Hired).
» Tim Tschida: Jeff Nelson (Jim Joyce), Bill Welke (Fieldin Culbreth) and Chris Guccione (Tom Hallion).
» Ed Rapuano: Angel Hernandez (Dana DeMuth), Mark Carlson (Gerry Davis) and Ed Hickox (Jim Joyce).

As alluded to, 2012's AAA Fill-In (presumably Vic Carapazza) was hired (presumably to Cederstrom's crew). Meanwhile new-hire Alan Porter has been assigned to Jerry Layne and Manny Gonzalez to Brian Gorman.

For more information and access to a sortable list of all MLB and Triple-A fill-in umpires—including a 2013 crew column—visit the UEFL's MLB Umpire Roster page and stay tuned for our continued Umpire Profiles.


arpee said...

My vote for best crew is Joyce/Nelson/Wolf/Hickox. Most ejections from a crew may be West/Holbrook/Fletcher/Drake.

kickersrule said...

I'm liking crew G and J

Turducken said...

Really love Crew O. Two of the best behind the plate in Joyce and Nelson. Equally talented in handling situations, as well.

BrooklynUmp said...

I agree. This is a very strong crew, crew A looks strong, too.

Chris Green said...

I'm always interested where Bob Davidson ends up. John Hirschbeck is an interesting match. Sadly Balkin Bob will probably never get a CC position even though he clearly made an effort last year to be more professional. I've had the impression that Bob's ball/strike work has never been that bad but he maybe makes a few too many mistakes out on the bases.

Chris Green said...

Then of course there has been his historical tendency to start a fight on the slightest pretext, his tendency to overly inject himself into the game, etc.

michaelrichards92 said...

I actually think that if Bob has another good year this year he will be one of the crew chiefs Hierd next time around which just might be next season

michaelrichards92 said...

and the other umpires that I think are under consideration for crew chief are wally Bell, Angel Hernandez, Jeff Nelson and Larry Vanover

Spence1222 said...

Have to agree that Joyce's crew looks strong, Gerry Davis himself makes for a strong crew also. Barrett could have his hands full potentially with his crew, and as a new CC. W

wwjd said...

The only potential for trouble on Barrett's crew is DiMuro

wwjd said...

The only potential for trouble on Barrett's crew is DiMuro

Lindsay said...

The only member of Barrett's crew that might give him trouble is Mike DiMuro every one else is really good

Lindsay said...

Barrett will still probably have to write a lot of ejection reports though. As good as Marquez is he will always have a lot of ejections and if you so much as sneeze at Dan Bellino he ejects you so there will probably be a lot of ejections between those two. However, Ted Barrett almost never ejects anybody so I wonder if he will tell his guys to cool it and not eject unless you absolutely have to. Gerry Davis has had that philosophy for years and it works.

Lindsay said...

That is true in both cases but Marquez seems to have cooled the trigger happyness he had cuse the last couple seasons he hasn't had alot of ejections and maybe now that Ted is a crew chief you might see that philosophy with his crew too because it has worked wonders for Davis's crews and Belliino seems to have gotten better as he gets more expirence i also don't think working with Jerry Layne was very helpfull for Bellino cuse they seem to be a bunch of ejection happy umpires on his crew but that being said when Davidson left Layne's crew and went to Gorman he improved so maybe Bellino will improve too

Lindsay said...

Overall a good job balancing the crews. Couple of minor quibbles to make it a little more balanced but nothing major.

If it were me I would probably swap Iassogna with Runge or Nauert, swap Emmel with Guccione, and swap Schreiber with Laz Diaz. As I said minor changes, but nothing earth shattering to break up a crew that is far and away better or worse than the rest

Lindsay said...

why would u want to make any of those changes the crews seem just fine the way they are

Lindsay said...

It is more about balancing out the number of playoff regulars on each crew. McClelland and Runge have not worked a playoff game since 2009 and 2008 respectively, Bell is not exactly a playoff regular, and despite working the Divisional Round in 2011 and 2012 Marvin Hudson's last appearance before that was 2005. On Davis's crew Davis and Iassogna both worked the World Series last year and in addition to Davis having the longest active streak of playoff appearances, Iassogna has worked every year from 2009-2012 and Mark Carlson has worked a Divisional Game in 2011 and 2012 (before that he worked in 2005 and 2007 so roughly equivalent to Marvin Hudson). Regarding Emmel v. Guccione that is a closer one as I had not recalled Gary Darling working as many playoff games as he has but on the whole Hallion/Kulpa/Cuzzi have been more of playoff regulars than Darling/Meals/Dreckman and Guccione has shown a lot of upside (moreso than Emmel so putting him with umpires who might not have as strong of playoff records). While I like Kellogg as an umpire Schrieber has not been to the playoffs since 2001 and Eric Cooper is not really a playoff regular either. Winters/Wegner have a little better track record than Kellogg/Cooper so putting the umpire with the slightly better track record (Diaz) with Kellogg/Cooper

Lindsay said...

I would say Cooper is a Playoff regular. He has only missed the Playoffs twice (2007 and 2010) since 2003. Emmel is also a Playoff regular although I don't think he deserves to be. He has only missed the Playoffs once since 2006 and he was injured that season. I agree Guccione has more upside than Emmel becasue he is younger and worked an LCS in just his fourth season but those two are pretty interchangeable.

Lindsay said...

I couldn't find the Triple A Umpire thread so I will post this here but the IL Umpire Roster came out. Mark Lollo is done. Looks like he is the only one from last years call up list who is not returning. He never really got a full look only working 2 games last season. I wish him the best. Along with him it looks like Craig Barron and Chris Ward are not returning.


Lindsay said...

What about Dreckman and Wendelstedt? I have seen both work this spring.........

Lindsay said...

I figured Angel Hernandez would be appointed CC this year. He covered for Rapuano most of 2012 didn't he?

Lindsay said...

The crew where Davidson belpongs to is the most strange one. Is he someone that belong to that other 3 umpires and would Davidson make this crew only weaker? Hirschbeck, Reynolds and Hoye are much other umpires like Davidson who loooks like to be in the middlepoint and these other 3 are just the opposite.

And what about the Culbreth crew, he as a crew chiefs feels strange with a guy as O'Nora who would deserve it more. And what about the 2 umpires on that squade, is that not to weak?

TRhe Ted Barrett, Dale Scott and Gerry Davis look tio be by far the best crews there are and maybe the crews should have been more balanced.

And what will MLB do with umpires that acted like Davidson and will the look more closely to the umpires and the sometimes to much different strikezones?

Would had have not be the best to have crews with umpires wirth strikezones that look moor like each other, it could be a lot better thing that you know that you get a crew that will have the same strike zone as the umpire a day earlier. And is that not the biggest problem, diffirent strikezones with the first game a small one, the second a bigger one and for the 3th and 4th just hoping that its the same?

Players can act on how umpires see there strike zone, but the must be consistent and the full crew should have the same. It would it make much easier for everybody and some umpires are just making it more difficult to act otherwise then there 3 crew members.

Davidson would be in a crew with West, Vanover or guys lkike Hernandez or Cuzzi. It are umpires that all are quite the same and you know that 1 word will be 1 to many.

Strikezones should be a way to select crews, what about personality?

The Barrett, Davis and Scott will be the best and 75% ot that crews are likely to see in the postseason. And hopefully HJoyce gets a new start, thge man made a mistake on wwhat should have been a poerefect game, but how many perfect games did we have? It shows how hard it is to be perfect and that Joyce did something back by saving a live would for me enough to give the man a real shot at the World Series.

Looking at mistakes and bad things are easy, but when a umpire saves the live of a member of the Arizona organisation before a game, the man should earn a lot of credit back after his error.

Lindsay said...

@ Arpee. Indeed and it could be the double of the crew that will finish second. But is the crew where Davidson belongs to not a potentional one that could be the same? Will Davidson ruine 3 other umpires that are so much different them him and could he be a bad influence?

MLB seems to have forgotten some things, make crews with strike zones that look more familiar and will the personality of some umpires make others look worse? Davidson just doesn't fit in the crew where he is listed. The man acts like a crew chief, but he isn't.

And hopefully MLB will suspend umpires also when the behaive bad or was Davidson a once in a life time? There can't be a umpire in the field that thinks that he is more important to the game. Davidson is such a umpire and the best umpiresd are those that you don't see involved in something that has to do with umpiring.

Lindsay said...

WHY do you allow Detroit Pitcher, #37, to take his sign with his pitching hand in FRONT of his body and not BY HIS SIDE, OR BEHIND HIS BACK, like the rules say, and WHY do the UMPS allow HIM to come SET with HIS hands/glove ABOVE HIS CHIN, and NOT BELOW HIS CHIN like the RULES SPECIFICALLY SAY??? those two things are specifically against the rules!!! why don't the UMPS enforce the rules???

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