Saturday, June 15, 2013

Catch vs Trap Confusion in New York Results in Force Out

Base umpire Lances Barrett and Barksdale combined for a confusing catch/trap and safe/out sequence during the top of the 9th inning of the Cubs-Mets game. With none out and the bases loaded, Cubs batter Darwin Barney hit a sinking line drive to Mets center fielder Juan Lagares, who attempted to field the batted ball in the air for a fly out.
Controlled chaos at Citi causes conundrum.

Though emphatically ruled a trap by 1B Umpire Barrett, Lagares and shortstop Justin Turner attempted to double up Cubs baserunner R2 Ryan Sweeney, who himself attempted to return to second base prior to the throw. 2B Umpire Barksdale ruled Sweeney safe at second base on the return, though because of Barrett's trap call, baserunner R1 Greg Burke was out at second on the force play.

Mistaking Barrett's "safe" call of Sweeney for a "safe" call of Burke, SS Turner threw home for an apparent force out attempt—where no visual mechanic was indicated by HP Umpire Vic Carapazza—before another throw arrived in third baseman David Wright's glove, who stepped on third base for a second apparent force out attempt—where once again, no safe or out call was signaled by 3B Umpire Gary Cederstrom.

Finally, Cubs baserunner R3 Welington Castillo, informed by third base coach David Bell—who may or may not have physically assisted Castillo back to the base (which would be illegal; rules citation: OBR 7.09(h))—of the correct circumstance (that he was not forced out at home and was under no obligation to advance), returned to third base in advance of Wright's tardy tag, eliciting a "safe" call from Cederstrom.

Wrap: Chicago Cubs vs. New York Mets, 6/15/13
Video: U1's trap call is not recognized by U2, resulting in an erroneous safe call rectified after the play (NYM)


Lindsay said...

I think this is a catch, but still:

So, let's break this down. F8 is coming in on this ball. Ball hit to the right side of second base, U1's call.

U2 screws this play up. U2 should have ruled R1 out. He doesn't. I don't think you could call R3 out because of coach's interference because U3 ruled the play was dead after the initial safe call.

But, on an unrelated note: Barksdale has had a rough year. His plots have been all over the place, and he has to be aware here.

Lindsay said...

R1 for the Cubs was Nate Schierholtz not Greg Burke. Burke was the one pitching for the Mets.

There's even confusion in the write up of this confusing play, lol.

They should have had the "Benny Hill" theme playing in the bavkground of this play.

Lindsay said...

Looky, Looky...and who comes creeping into the video close to the end....none other than that man of a 'thousand controversies' Tim McClelland. It wouldn't have happened if he weren't there. He just can't get away from the weird stuff.

Lindsay said...

May or may not have been physically assisted? Look at the 25 second mark. Pretty damn obvious that he was basically pushed to the bag, right in front of Cederstrom who improperly missed the 7.09h rule there.
Barrett should have pointed to the runner on first and called him out. That would have cleared up the confusion quite simply.
Carapazza in my opinion was correct in making no call at the plate, because there really wasn't any call to make at home.

Lindsay said...

Jeff Nelson is officially the most overrated umpire in the world. Just totally botched a fair/fall in the Red Sox-Orioles game. I am tired of everyone saying that he is such a good umpire. Because he is quickly becoming one of the worst

Lindsay said...

I think I would agree with this sentiment. His strike zone is HUGE.

Lindsay said...

Jeff Nelson is so good at umpiring good umpire good . ;$

Lindsay said...

Dale phlegm tossed by give it up for music guru D.J. Rey burn baby burn !!!

Lindsay said...

My friend is at the dbacks game and just saw the third base umpire ejected a dbacks player or coach ump Marvin Hudson

Lindsay said...

i don't see anything in the box score or mlb video

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