Sunday, June 30, 2013

Solution for Case Play 2013-05: Murphy Runs Out to Stray

Case Play 2013-05 (Murphy Runs Out to Stray Past Second) is now final. Answer appears below.

To refresh, with two outs and R1, R2, R3, B1 checks his swing on a 3-2 pitch, ruled no swing and ball four. F2 throws down to second base and F6 tags R1 after he overslides second base, resulting in the inning's third out. R3 has not yet touched home plate and only does so after R1 is tagged past second base. The scenario asked, "shall the run score?"

Answer, Case Play 2013-05
In responding to the scenario, the following rule was identified and referenced: OBR Rule 7.04(b) Comment.

7.04(b) CommentA runner forced to advance without liability to be put out may advance past the base to which he is entitled only at his peril. If such a runner, forced to advance, is put out for the third out before a preceding runner, also forced to advance, touches home plate, the run shall score.

The Jaksa/Roder Manual confirms this: Time play criteria do not apply to a consecutive runner at third who is awarded home due to a batter-runner's award to first (BB, HBP, etc.). All that is required in such a case for the run to score is that the batter-runner touch first and the runner from third touch home.

The principle at work is the theory that the run is forced home by the walk and that the run scores because R3 simply needs to touch home plate. The rules state this is specifically an exemption to the time play.

Accordingly, Rule 4.09(a) regarding scoring a run "before three are put out" is not applicable.

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