Tuesday, July 2, 2013

NCAA Suspends Mulkey for Disparagement of Officials

The NCAA suspended Baylor women's basketball coach Kim Mulkey for making disparaging comments about the officials following Baylor's regional semifinal loss to Louisville on March 31 that eliminated the Bears from the NCAA Division I women's tournament.

The Women's Basketball Committee described Mulkey's behavior as "unacceptable" and having "no place in the women's basketball championship. Chairperson Carolayne Henry noted the decision was unanimous and based on Mulkey's history.

In 2011, Mulkey received a public reprimand for complaining about a referee.

As such, Mulkey's second violation in three years prompted the Committee to issue a more severe penalty in the postseason suspension, reprimand and withholding of the postseason travel per diem, which carries the effect of a fine.

In 2011, UC Santa Barbara Gauchos soccer player Machael David was suspended three games for verbal abuse of the referee following a 2010 postseason match. Seniors Waid Ibrahim and Tim Pontius were also punished via the per diem sanction while head coach Tim Vom Steeg was issued a public reprimand and fined $600.

Following the 2012 Men's Water Polo Championship, the NCAA suspended UCLA head coach Adam Wright one postseason game for his verbal abuse of officials following elimination from the tournament.

News: Baylor coach Mulkey given one-game postseason suspension, reprimand (NCAA)


Lindsay said...

Well, Mulkey was absolutely right. And if anything, the official(s) should be suspended for a game, as well.

Lindsay said...


They missed two calls in this game: the charge against Baylor called by the T and the non-T on the Louisville player who got in Griner's face.

The call at the end was 100 percent correct, the L was just waiting for the C to make a call and held his whistle as long as possibe. he is an excellent official.

Lindsay said...

She knows the consequences for talking trash. One play in the course of an entire basketball game doesn't lose the game for a team. There were probably several missed short shots and a dozen missed free throws that could have kept them out of this situation. I'm not saying big calls in big situations can't change momentum, but big picture it isn't an excuse!

Lindsay said...

Forgive me, I don't follow college basketball. What did the officials do that would merit a suspension?

Lindsay said...

Its women's college basketball....who cares?

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