Wednesday, February 12, 2014

UmpTalk Podcast Interview: Gil & Chris Discuss CCS/UEFL

CCS/UEFL's interview with UmpTalk Podcast is now available as an audio download or stream on the UmpTalk website. For this interview, UmpTalk's Chris Kamler and UEFL's Gil Imber sat down to talk about baseball's sabermetrics revolution (and how SABR relates to umpiring), the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League and umpire issues near and dear to our hearts—namely instant replay complications and fallacies, the truth about player/coach/fan rules knowledge and, most importantly, solid statistical evidence that confirms just how good professional umpires are at their jobs (spoiler: it's 99.5% accurate at the MLB level).

UmpTalk is an umpire-focused podcast whose website describes its mission as "supporting amateur, collegiate and professional umpires by providing advice from their peers." From training and commentary to podcasts featuring Major League, NCAA and all other levels of baseball, UmpTalk is a chance to discuss and listen to conversations about umpiring.

About UmpTalk Podcast host Chris Kamler: "Chris is a sports journalist and columnist for The Platte County Landmark. Chris has also been a baseball umpire for the past 25 years. He is a veteran of the Jim Evans Umpiring School and was a candidate in professional baseball.  He has won Umpire of the Year awards in several different leagues and has served as a scheduler and Umpire-In-Chief for 15 years.  Following a career-ending spinal injury, Chris’s focus now is on giving back to the umpires that trained him by passing along his experiences.  As the producer of several other podcasts and websites in Kansas City, Chris has experience in telling stories in an irreverent way."

Click here to visit and listen to UmpTalk's Episode #14: Gil Imber of Close Call Sports.


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