Thursday, February 13, 2014

MLB Names PBUC's Justin Klemm Director of Instant Replay

MLB named PBUC's Justin Klemm Director of Instant Replay for the 2014 season as announced by MLB Senior VP of Baseball Operations Peter Woodfork. Klemm served as the Professional Baseball Umpire Corp.'s Executive Director since 2008 after being hired as a field evaluator and instructor in 2006. He is a graduate of the Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring and a former minor league call-up umpire. Klemm also runs MiLB's The Umpire School.

Justim Klemm
In his present role as Director of Instant Replay, Klemm will manage the New York Replay Command Center at MLB HQ where his duties will include the supervision of umpires assigned to Replay, staffing umpire supervisors and coordinating, with MLBAM, instant replay procedural configurations at all 30 ballparks.

MLB also made the formal announcement that confirms UEFL's January news break concerning the hiring of seven minor league umpires to the full-time MLB staff.

To recap, the hired umpires include Jordan Baker, Lance Barrett, Cory Blaser, Mike Estabrook, Mike Muchlinski, David Rackley and DJ Reyburn.

MLB additionally confirmed two new crew chiefs for the 2014 season in Bill Miller and Jeff Nelson, who both have had extensive experience as acting crew chiefs throughout the recent course of their careers.

Source: MLB names Klemm director of instant replay (Major League Baseball)


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