Sunday, September 14, 2014

MLB Ejection 189: Joe West (3; Jonathan Papelbon)

2B Umpire Joe West ejected Phillies P Jonathan Papelbon for a lewd gesture (Unsportsmanlike-NEC) in the top of the 9th inning of the Marlins-Phillies game. With two out and one on, Marlins batter Marcell Ozuna hit a 1-1 fastball from Papelbon on the ground to shortstop Freddy Galvis, who threw to first baseman Maikel Franco for the third out. Replays indicate that as Papelbon walked off the field to his dugout, he made an obscene gesture, the call was irrecusable. At the time of the ejection, the Marlins were leading, 5-4. The Marlins ultimately won the contest, 5-4.

This is Joe West (22)'s third ejection of the 2014 MLB Regular Season.
Joe West now has 9 points in the UEFL Standings (7 Prev + 2 MLB + 0 Irrecusable Call = 9).
Crew Chief Joe West now has 18 points in Crew Division (17 Previous + 1 Irrecusable Call = 18).

This is the 189th ejection of the 2014 MLB Regular Season.
This is the 80th player ejection of 2014. Prior to his ejection, Papelbon's line was 1.0 IP, 4 ER, BS, L.
This is the Phillies' 7th ejection of 2014, T-3rd in the NL East (MIA 9; NYM 8; ATL, PHI 7; WAS 1).
This is Jonathan Papelbon's first ejection since June 4, 2011 (Tony Randazzo; QOC = Y [Balls/Strikes]).
This is Joe West's first ejection since May 11, 2014 (Ron Gardenhire; QOC = Y-Crewmate [Interference]).

Wrap: Miami Marlins vs. Philadelphia Phillies, 9/14/14
Video: Having blown the save, Papelbon exits to chorus of boos, is tossed and confronts Cowboy Joe (MIA)
Video: Papelbon hangs around in the Phils' dugout for Sandberg to return with West's explanation (PHI)


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