Wednesday, July 8, 2015

2015 MLB All-Star Game Umpires Led by Chief Tim Welke

MLB announced umpires for the 2015 All-Star Game on July 14 at Cincinnati's Great American Ball Park, selecting a younger umpiring crew to join the young stadium for its inaugural Mid-Summer Classic. The umpires are:

HP Umpire Tim Welke (crew chief): This is Tim Welke's third career All-Star Game and first behind home plate as a crew chief (1990, RF; 2005, 1B). 2015 Ejections: 0. 2015 Replays: 4 Affirmed / 10 Total = .400 RAP.
2014 UEFL Award: Worst Umpire of Year.

1B Umpire Jerry Meals: This is Jerry Meals' second career All-Star Game, first as a regular season crew chief (2002, 3B). 2015 Ejections: 0. 2015 Replays: 4/10 = .400 RAP.

2B Umpire Paul Schrieber: Second career All-Star Game (2000, 3B). 2015 Ejections: 0. 2015 Replays: 2/6 = .333 RAP.

3B Umpire Ron Kulpa: Second career All-Star Game (2001, LF). 2015 Ejections: 1 (E-111, 6/28). 2015 Replays: 6/11 = .545 RAP.

LF Umpire James Hoye: First All-Star Game. 2015 Ejections: 2 (E-018, 4/19; E-073, 6/3). 2015 Replays: 6/10 = .600 RAP.

RF Umpire Alan Porter: First All-Star Game. 2015 Ejections 1 (E-107, 6/24; S-12, 3/31). 2015 Replays: 2/2 = 1.000 RAP.

Replay Official Brian Gorman: His first All-Star Replay assignment. 2015 Ejections: 1 (E-074, 6/4). 2015 Replays: 4/5 = .800 RAP.

League Ranks for Replay Review (of 87 total umpires), Review Affirmation Percentage (RAP):
Tim Welke = T-65th
Jerry Meals = T-65th
Paul Schrieber = T-70th
Ron Kulpa = T-37th
James Hoye = T-29th
Alan Porter = T-1st (technically T-3rd due to tiebreaker of number of replays experienced).

ASG Crew, Assigned Solely Based on RAP Standings:
HP: Brian Gorman -cc (9th - must be an active regular season crew chief)
1B: Sam Holbrook (1st, 6/6)
2B: Alfonso Marquez (T-1st [2nd], 3/3)
3B: Alan Porter (T-1st [T-3rd], 2/2)
LF: Quinn Wolcott (T-1st [5th], 1/1)
RF: Mark Carlson (6th, 11/12 [.917])

Reserves: Kerwin Danley (6/7), Paul Emmel (4/5), David Rackley (4/5), Marvin Hudson (3/4), Mark Ripperger (3/4), Fieldin Culbreth (5/7), Mark Wegner (5/7), Joe West (5/7).
*Pat Hoberg (T-1st [3rd], 2/2) and Adam Hamari (8th, 9/11) not eligible due to AAA status.

Pursuant to UEFL Rule 2-2-a, all All-Star Game umpires will receive one League point for appearing in the contest while Welke will receive two points for his role as crew chief. No points are awarded to the Replay Official (must "appear[] in that game").

MiLB All-Star Futures Game Umpires:
HP Umpire Ron Teague (AAA, PCL [Freshly Promoted from AA-Texas League]), 1B Umpire Dan Merzel (AA, Eastern League), 2B Umpire Javerro January (AA, Southern League), 3B Umpire Junior Valentine (AA, Eastern League). All will work the Home Run Derby while January and Valentine will officiate Sunday's Legends and Celebrity Softball Game.


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