Sunday, March 20, 2016

2016 UEFL Appeals Board Election, Candidate Statements

The 2016 UEFL Appeals Board election is underway. Pursuant to UEFL Rule 6-4-a, the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League has established an Appeals Board that shall routinely rule on issues of Quality of Correctness. Comprised of a roster of nine voting members, including both Commissioners and seven at-large volunteers, a pre-season nomination and election process has been established to complete this year's Board.

Listed in order of submission, the following four UEFL'ers have been nominated for and are seeking election to the 2016 UEFL Appeals Board (there are two vacancies). They are:

"I am a huge baseball fan. I have experience umpiring baseball for multiple years, and my goal when I get old enough is to become a Major League Baseball Umpire. I think I would make a good member of the appeals board so thank you for your consideration for the appeals board."

Mark (M.D.M.)
"I have officiated in multiple sports, including baseball, at the intramural, Little League, and high school levels. I also have acted as a mediator through my employer, and have a reputation for being rule-oriented, objective, and thorough in my research and decision-making process. Though I have never participated in the UEFL as a drafting member, I am a regular follower of the site (checking in multiple times per day during the MLB season), and have also participated in discussions on select videos. "

Mark (MarkCanada)
"Longtime fan of the UEFL, during the season I check in virtually every day, so this self-nomination is my attempt to give back to the league. I have over 20 years of baseball umpiring experience in Canada including 4 provincial championships, participation in 2 international tournaments, the last as Crew Chief, and an invitation to umpire a game abroad while I was traveling. You may have gotten to know me over the last few years through my comments. I call 'em as I see 'em, with no ulterior motive. I have never been a player in the UEFL, and won't be this year either. I bring a level of unbiased objectivity where the only goal is to get the call right. I listen to well-reasoned arguments and consider them. That's what I do best, and that's what I will do if elected. Thanks for considering me."

Dennis (BetterRuleBook)
"In writing my rule book primer RuleGraphics: Professional Baseball, I had to do extensive research into the rules of baseball. I consumed all available literature on the rules and their interpretation. It is said, that if you cannot explain something to a 4 year old, then you don’t understand it yourself. This was the driving mission of the book. I had to learn the rules in order to condense them into bite size nuggets. In addition to the book, I have over 10 years of umpiring experience. I have worked state tournaments at the Little League, Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken and high school levels. I have also served as rules consultant and trainer for the local recreation league. In this capacity I have consulted on protests in their league. I feel my extensive base rule knowledge along with the ability to quickly research questions makes me an ideal candidate for the Appeals Board."

Voting will remain open through March 25, 2016 (Friday).


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