Thursday, April 7, 2016

Neighborhood Play No More - Tag Reviewed for 1st Time

The neighborhood play is officially dead as a replay review on a double play attempt at second base has resulted in an overturned call for the first time in regular season history, this ruling made possible after MLB eliminated from its Replay Review Regulations the V.D.3 exception that made so-called neighborhood plays (a fielder's tag of second base on a double play attempt) unreviewable. During the top of the 2nd inning of Thursday's Dodgers-Giants game, San Francisco appeared poised to turn an inning-ending double play to hold Los Angeles to a one-run lead. The 6-4-3 DP even appeared so routine that the Dodgers broadcast cut to commercial as any television feed would do at the end of an inning, similar to how a review was not immediately anticipated during two Opening Series in Atlanta and Tampa Bay (see: Bona Fide Slide Rule Applied for First Time).

Instead, freshman Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts challenged 2B Umpire Brian O'Nora's ruling that Giants 2B Joe Panik had tagged second base with his foot, resulting in a reversed call when replays revealed that Panik broke contact with the base prior to receiving SS Brandon Crawford's feed.

Unlike the overturned ruling in Florida that wiped out a Toronto lead and rewarded the Rays with a win, Thursday's reversed call in San Francisco had no apparent effect on the game's result: the Giants ultimately won the contest, 12-6.

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