Sunday, June 19, 2016

Injury - Dale Scott Exits Father's Day Game on Foul Ball

Umpire Dale Scott left the Father's Day Blue Jays-Orioles game due to a groin injury suffered as the result of a foul ball to bottom of the second inning.

With two out and none on, Orioles batter Ryan Flaherty fouled a curveball from Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman into the ground, whereupon the baseball bounced and struck Scott, resulting in a game-ending groin injury.

Umpires Bob Davidson (1B), Lance Barrett (2B), and Dan Iassogna (3B) officiated the remainder of the game in a three-person alignment, as Davidson replaced Scott behind home plate and Barrett moved to first base. On the very first pitch following the 15-minute injury delay, and with only two field umpires, the Blue Jays challenged Barrett's safe call at first base made from the middle-infield, resulting in an overturned ruling.
Alternate Link: Dale Scott injured by foul ball into the dirt at Camden Yards (TOR, Canada Region)


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