Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2017 International League Umpire Roster

The 2017 International League roster features the following umpires. The IL is the eastern Triple-A equivalent of the west's Pacific Coast League; The 2017 PCL roster is available at this link.

The 2017 International League features eight Triple-A rookies, and zero transfers from the Pacific Coast League.

International League Umpire Roster - Start of the 2017 Season
IL Umpire Name2016 League and Years in Triple-A
Additon, Ryan*International - 2nd Year in Triple-A
Bacon, John*International - 2nd Year in Triple-A
Barber, Sean* (MLB #29)International - 6th Year in Triple-A
Basner, Toby* (MLB #99)International - 8th Year in Triple-A
Beck, Adam^Southern (Double-A) | Rookie
Carnahan, Jeffrey^Southern (Double-A) | Rookie
Clark, RyanInternational - 2nd Year in Triple-A
Costello, Scott^Texas (Double-A) | Rookie
Gillam, EricInternational - 2nd Year in Triple-A
Lentz, Nic* (MLB #59)International - 4th Year in Triple-A
Livensparger, Shane*International - 3rd Year in Triple-A
Merzel, Dan*International - 2nd Year in Triple-A
Miller, Brennan^Southern (Double-A) | Rookie
Moreno, RobertInternational - 3rd Year in Triple-A
Ortiz, Roberto* (MLB #40)International - 4th Year in Triple-A
Peterson, Brian^Eastern (Double-A) | Rookie
Rackley, JamesInternational - 2nd Year in Triple-A
Ramos, Charlie^Eastern (Double-A) | Rookie
Rehak, Jeremie*International - 2nd Year in Triple-A
Riggs, JeremyInternational | 2nd Year in Triple-A
Segal, Chris* (MLB #96)International - 7th Year in Triple-A
Tosi, Alex*International - 2nd Year in Triple-A
Visconti, JansenInternational - 3rd Year in Triple-A
Whitson, Chad* (MLB #62)International - 7th Year in Triple-A
Wills, Ryan^Eastern (Double-A) | Rookie
Wiseman, Michael^Eastern (Double-A) | Rookie
*Indicates umpire is also officiating MLB Spring Training | ^ Indicates promotion to AAA.
Bold text indicates umpire is on the Major League call-up list.


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