Sunday, April 30, 2017

MLB Ejection 021 - Stu Scheurwater (1; Buck Showalter)

HP Umpire Stu Scheurwater ejected Orioles Manager Buck Showalter (balk call) in the bottom of the 9th inning of the Orioles-Yankees game. With two out and two on (R1, R2), Orioles pitcher Darren O'Day attempted to pick off Yankees baserunner R2 Starlin Castro and was called for a balk. Replays indicate O'Day started and stopped his delivery while failing to step towards second base before throwing to that base in an illegal pitching maneuver, the call was correct.* At the time of the ejection, the Orioles were leading, 4-2. The Orioles ultimately won the contest, 7-4, in 11 innings.

This is Stu Scheurwater (85)'s first ejection of the 2017 MLB regular season.
Stu Scheurwater now has 5 points in the UEFL Standings (0 Previous + 3 AAA + 2 Correct Call = 5).
Crew Chief Jim Reynolds now has 2 points in Crew Division (1 Previous + 1 Correct Call = 2).
*Official Baseball Rule 6.02(a)(1) states, "It is a balk when: The pitcher, while touching his plate, makes any motion naturally associated with his pitch and fails to make such delivery."
*Official Baseball Rule 6.02(a)(3) states, "It is a balk when: fails to step directly toward a base before throwing to that base. [COMMENT]: Requires the pitcher, while touching his plate, to step directly toward a base before throwing to that base."

This is the 21st ejection report of 2017.
This is the 13th Manager ejection of 2017.
This is Baltimore's 1st ejection of 2017, 4th in the AL East (BOS, TB, TOR 2; BAL 1; NYY 0).
This is Buck Showalter's 1st ejection since September 27, 2016 (Will Little; QOC = Y [Balls/Strikes]).
This is Stu Scheurwater's first career MLB ejection.

Wrap: Baltimore Orioles vs. New York Yankees, 4/30/17 | Video via "Read More"


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