Monday, October 1, 2018

2018 Arizona Fall League Umpire Roster

Specifically selected by supervisors to further their development in affiliated professional baseball, the following Minor League umpires will officiate the Arizona Fall League as selected from Triple-A's International (IL) and Pacific Coast League (PCL) umpiring staffs. Previous AFL experience (if applicable) and MLB call-up information is also listed.

2018 Arizona Fall League Umpire Roster:
> John Bacon. IL. 2017 Spring. 2018 MiLB Postseason.
> Adam Beck. IL.
> Blake Carnahan. IL.
> Nestor Ceja. PCL.
> Bryan Fields. PCL2017 AFL
> Dan Merzel. IL2017 Spring Training. 2018 MiLB Postseason.
> Brennan Miller. IL.
> Bryan Peterson. IL.
> Jeremie Rehak. IL2017 Spring Training2017 AFL. 2018 Spring Training RosterMLB Fill-In.*
> Jeremy Riggs. IL. 2018 MiLB Postseason.
> Alex Tosi. IL2017 Spring Training2017 AFL. 2018 MiLB Postseason.
> Junior Valentine. PCL2017 Spring Training.
> Jansen Visconti. IL2017 AFLMLB Fill-In.*

*Roster breakdown: 3 Pacific Coast League + 10 International League = 13 AFL Umpires.


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