Friday, November 9, 2018

2018 UEFL Award for Umpire of the Year - Ted Barrett

Ted Barrett is the UEFL's (Best) Umpire of the Year for 2018 [2017: Mark Wegner].
Voting (Top 5): Barrett (43.6%), Jeff Nelson (10.1%), Joe West/Jim Wolf (6%), Chad Fairchild (4.7%).

Award Winner: Ted Barrett (65).
Ted Barrett wins the UEFL Umpire of the Year Award for 2018. In his 22nd season in the majors, Barrett was ejection-less and finished 16th in Replay Review (.619 RAP, eight overturns). A three-Award winner for the second time (also: 2014), Barrett chiefed the World Series and called 18 innings (seven hours, 20 minutes) behind home plate in Game 3, seeing 561 pitches (286 callable) and, on average, missing just one pitch per hour of game time.
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A postseason regular (that's now 14 consecutive seasons with a playoff assignment [2005-18], the highest active streak amongst the staff), Barrett officiated his fourth World Series in October just 11 years after he worked his first Fall Classic (2007, 11, 14, 18), and just four years after his third, which in turn was three years after his second, which was four after his first. So we can expect to see him in the 2022 World Series as well.

UEFL Awards History, Ted Barrett
Umpire of the Year: 2014, 2018.
Honorable Umpire of the Year: 201220132014, 2018.
Crew Chief of the Year: 2014201620172018.

Ted Barrett now has 21 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (16 Previous + 5 Award = 21).
Final Standings will be released this weekend.


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