Monday, March 18, 2019

Podcast - Episode 11 - Angel, AJ, and Umpire Futures

After Angel Hernandez's high profile Spring Training ejection of Astros Manager AJ Hinch, we put together a Plate Meeting podcast episode to discuss yet another instance of umpire abuse and MLB's decision to suspend the offender for one Spring game. Tmac serves as Gil's featured guest as we discuss baseball's tacit Open Season on Umpires approach to discipline (or lack thereof) in recent times and a possible motivation behind the lax punishment strategy.

An audio Teachable Moment revisits the ejection sequence and considers the different approaches to post-ejection situation handling at the Major League versus NCAA or lower levels.

We also discuss the future of umpiring at professional baseball's highest level, robot umpires, pace of play, and look forward to our upcoming podcast with Jim Joyce.

Click the below play (▶) button to listen to "Episode 11 - Angel Hernandez, AJ Hinch, and Umpire Futures" or visit the show online at The Plate Meeting is also available on iTunes (Apple Podcasts), Google, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, and several other podcast apps.

Alternate Link: Episode 11 - Angel Hernandez, AJ Hinch, and Umpire Futures

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