Tuesday, May 7, 2019

2019 No-Hitter 1, Mark Ripperger (1; Mike Fiers)

HP Umpire Mark Ripperger called Athletics pitcher Mike Fiers' no-hitter against the Cincinnati Reds, the first of 2019, at a blistering 100% accuracy rate for Oakland's starter. Rip was joined for Tuesday's game at Oakland Coliseum by 1B Umpire Jeff Kellogg (crew chief), 2B Umpire James Hoye, and 3B Umpire Brian O'Nora.

This is Ripperger's first career no-hitter and the first of the 2019 season. Kellogg's crew also officiated the previously most recent no-hitter on May 8, 2018 (HP: Hoye, 1B: Quinn Wolcott, 2B: Kellogg -cc, 3B: Marvin Hudson); John Tumpane officiated Mike Fiers' first career no-hitter in August 2015.
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Ripperger received 73 callable pitches from Fiers, a total of 49 balls and 24 called strikes. The look:

Balls: 49 called balls outside of strike zone / 0 called balls within strike zone = 49/49 = 100% Accuracy.
Strikes: 24 called strikes inside strike zone / 0 called strikes outside strike zone = 24/24 = 100% Accuracy.
Total Raw Accuracy Score for Fiers = 73/73 = 100.0% Accuracy (+0 NU [Neutral]).
Overall Game Score: 93/93 Balls + 46/50 Strikes = 139/143 = 97.2%. +4 CIN. Plots via "Read More"
Plot courtesy Brooks Baseball. Important Note: This graphic is for illustrative purposes only and does not
accurately represent the strike zone accuracy of the pitches depicted above.
For more information, see: UEFL f/x vs K-Zone and the Player-Umpire Disconnect (10/4/18).


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