Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Milestone - Umpire Gerry Davis is 4th All-Time

38-year MLB umpire Gerry Davis achieved a milestone when he tied, now surpassed, Tom Connolly on the most games umpired in the history of Major League Baseball list. By officiating career game 4,771, Davis holds the #4 spot on the all-time most MLB regular season games umpired list.

Davis was joined for Tuesday's Reds-Angels game in Anaheim by umpires Kerwin Danley, Pat Hoberg, and Ramon De Jesus. Former MLB umpire Dale Scott was also in attendance for Angel Stadium's inaugural Pride Night, and Danley ejected two Reds during the contest, his first ejections since 2016. The Angels recognized Davis during the game.
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Davis now occupies fourth place on the all-time regular season games worked list behind #3 Bruce Froemming (5,163), #2 Joe West (~5,250 and counting), and #1 Bill Klem (5,375). West, MLB's longest tenured umpire and still actively officiating, hopes to surpass Klem's record sometime during the 2020 season. Davis surpasses #5 Connolly (4,770), having previously leapfrogged #6 Doug Harvey (4,673), #7 Joe Brinkman (4,505), #8 Harry Wendelstedt (4,500), #9 Derryl Cousins (4,496), and #10 Mike Reilly (4,491).

Klem, Connolly, and Harvey were inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Gerry Davis holds the MLB all-time record for most postseason games umpired (151), with West in second place (128), and Froemming tied with Jerry Crawford for third (111). Davis has officiated 31 World Series games, second on the active list to West's 34 (#1 all time: Bill Klem [103], followed by #2 Cy Rigler [62] and #3 Hank O'Day [57]).

Davis, who first joined the Major League staff in 1984 as a National League umpire is also MLB's longest-tenured active crew chief, promoting to the leadership role in 1999. He has officiated four All-Star Games (1989, 97, 2002, 12), three Wild Card Games (2013-14, 18), 13 Division Series (1996, 99, 2002-04, 06-09, 11-12, 15, 17), 11 Championship Series (1990, 92, 95, 98, 2000-01, 05, 10, 13-14, 18), and six World Series (1996, 99, 2004, 09, 12, 17).
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Davis was named the UEFL Crew Chief of the Year in 2011, Umpire of the Year in 2012, and his ejection of Adrian Beltre related to the on-deck circle was the UEFL Ejection of the Year in 2017.

SIDEBAR: During our Podcast with Bob Davidson, we learned the allure of officiating milestone games at Angel Stadium (and why some NHL officials choose Anaheim for their milestones, as well). In Bob's case, his 2016 retirement game in Anaheim afforded the family an opportunity to vacation at Disneyland, located less than 5 miles from the ballpark. For Davis, a nearby Huntington Beach residence with the Santa Ana branch of Gerry Davis Sports nearby doesn't hurt, either.


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