Monday, June 24, 2019

Workplace Violence - Ulrich Arrested for Battering Umpire

Continuing in our series about umpire abuse following the MLB Umpires Association's infamous workplace violence tweet, we report Sunday's arrest of a softball player in Des Moines on charges of assault causing bodily injury after allegedly violent and illegal contact with an umpire.

The Des Moines Police Department described the purported crime to WHO-TV as stemming from a foul ball call during a Sunday softball game at the Greater Des Moines Softball Complex. 29-year-old Lance Raymond Ulrich, the suspect in this case, purportedly was a player who was upset at the umpire over the call and used profanity in the furtherance of his argument.

Alleged criminal Ulrich.
According to police, the umpire ejected Ulrich after which Ulrich purportedly pushed the umpire to the ground in a moment partially captured on video, resulting in injury. Another player in the game told WHO-TV that the umpire terminated the game following the incident, likely forfeiting the contest in favor of Ulrich's opponent.

The video shows the result of a man in a black jersey—presumably Ulrich—appearing to shove the umpire to the ground, upon which this person appears to stand over the fallen umpire while saying something in his direction before players wearing red jerseys tend to the umpire, who remains on the ground as the alleged suspect walks away. A person in camera range then says, "call the police."

Suspected assaulter Lance Ulrich on film.
After his arrest and booking at Polk County Jail for the violent crime of assault causing bodily injury, alleged criminal Lance Ulrich was purportedly released on bond.

The National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) Legislative Scorecard indicates the state of Iowa has not passed laws related to assaults on officials.

According to, Ulrich of Saint Marys, Iowa, is a member of the Des Moines-based Clutch softball team. Arrest records indicate inmate Ulrich is associated with the nearby city of Norwalk, Iowa.

According to Iowa Courts public records, two cases have previously been brought against Lance Raymond Ulrich, aged 29 (DOB 6/21/1990): one for a registration violation in 2017 and another a civil suit filed by Home Point Financial Corp in 2018. Court records indicate the Home Point Financial case was recently resolved, with a satisfaction of judgment filing having been entered into the record on June 3, 2019. The initial petition filed in that case pertained to a foreclosure.

Other reports indicate Ulrich formerly served in the military (US Army). Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Iowa's Lance Ulrich allegedly assaults umpire in Des Moines (WHO/UEFL)


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