Friday, June 14, 2019

Video Call - Why Fans Hate Angel Hernandez

We're going to add more content to the CloseCallSports YouTube channel and we begin with Gil's Call, a video essay on the topic of why the MLB fandom seems to hate umpire Angel Hernandez and it has everything to do with the injection of social issues—discrimination, race, etc.—into the baseball world where fans go to get away from, not learn about, the real world, and themselves.

This discussion traces back the recent history of how Angel Hernandez has become the most controversial umpire in MLB. The actual data indicate he is a decent umpire, yet his lawsuit against baseball has all but assured a nosedive to his reputation.

The video explores why the vitriol against Hernandez is so significant and why it has everything to do with the introduction of social issues in his suit alleging race-based discrimination, social issues that most people seek to escape from when engaging in the realm of sports. And, of course, the natural tendency to push against an umpire when umpires aren't supposed to fight back.

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Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Angel Hernandez Controversy (CCS)


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