Sunday, September 8, 2019

Injury Scout - Jim Reynolds Removed in Baltimore

Jim Reynolds left his game in Baltimore after a lead-off HBP arm injury to start the night.

With none out and none on in the top of the first inning of Saturday's Rangers-Orioles game, Rangers batter Shin-Soo Choo took a 0-1 92-mph fastball for a hit-by-pitch, with the ball caroming into Reynolds' right hand. Reynolds remained in the game to complete the top of the first inning, signaling strikes with his left arm as the ball nearly found him again during a botched play at the plate.

After the half-inning, 1B Umpire Sean Barber replaced Reynolds at home plate for the remaining 8 1/2 innings with 2B Umpire Stu Scheurwater sent to first base, and 3B Umpire Alan Porter continuing at third base while assuming Acting Crew Chief duties. Reynolds did not work Sunday as Brendan Miller was called up to fill-in.

Relevant Injury History: Reynolds has no recent history of hand injuries.

Last Game: September 7 | Return to Play: 2020 | Time Absent: Rest of Season | Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Reynolds is hurt very early in Baltimore and leaves the game (BAL)


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