Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Discussion of 2019 NL and AL Wild Card Games

Join Close Call Spots for a live blog and discussion of the 2019 American and National League Wild Card Games.

Mike Everitt (NL) and Chad Fairchild (AL) are plate umpires for the two Wild Card games, with Jeff Nelson serving as Crew Chief for the NL's Brewers @ Nationals game and Bill Miller the Crew Chief for AL Rays @ Athletics. See the entire crew via the following link.
Related2019 Wild Card & Division Series Umpires (9/30/19).

Home plate umpire performance is listed following the completion of each contest according to UEFL f/x (Statcast pitch data and application of UEFL Rules 6-2-b-a [horizontal bound, "Kulpa Rule"] and 6-2-b-b [vertical strike zone, "Miller Rule"]). Fouls, swinging strikes, balls batted into play, and hit-by-pitches are excluded from the analysis.

- 10/1 MIL@WAS Gm 1: Mike Everitt: pfx. 100/102 Balls + 37/40 Strikes = 137/142 = 96.5%. +1 MIL.
- 10/2 TB@OAK Gm 1: Chad Fairchild. 105/109 Balls + 52/56 Strikes = 157/165 = 95.2%. +2 OAK.

Note: The highest plate score during the 2018 Wild Card Games was Jim Wolf's 98.8% (AL WC).
The highest overall plate score during the 2018 Postseason was Joe West's 99.4% (ALCS Gm 3).

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