Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Postseason Operations Update

With the 2019 MLB postseason upon us, here is a brief operations update for CloseCallSports.com with new umpire crew lineup card and plate score reporting graphics that go into effect today.

We've added crew lineup graphics for each round of the playoffs, so it is easier to see and share what umpires are on which games. Plate score reporting has evolved as well, with UEFL f/x joined by two additional scores for the sake of transparency and fairness. Here's how to read the new postgame plate accuracy reports:

Top Value: ML Private. Also called the Zone Evaluation Equivalent Estimate, his figure attempts to portray what the league's Umpiring Department uses internally in its evaluation of umpires. Because ZE remains a private enterprise, ML Private is solely an approximation of what such a score may look like. Margin of error is two inches.

Middle Value: UEFL f/x. Our standard plate eval methodology returns pursuant to the manufacturer-specified one-inch margin of error value. Extensive documentation on UEFL f/x is available on this website, and we'd direct you to last postseason's UEFL f/x primer for more information.
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Bottom Value: ML Public. This is the PitchCast/StatCast visual representation one might see on ESPN K-Zone or FoxTrax graphics, also indicated on MLB GameDay and Baseball Savant. This figure, which incorporates a zero-inch margin of error, is what the public sees and is bound by the list of errors previously discussed on Close Call Sports, such as the following article.
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Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Video explaining new features and content for the postseason (CCS)


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