Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Mike Everitt Replaces Jeff Nelson as ALCS Crew Chief

Mike Everitt will replace Jeff Nelson as Crew Chief of the 2019 American League Championship Series. MLB announced that Everitt, who served as HP Umpire during the NL Wild Card Game, will join the Yankees-Astros ALCS crew in New York, which keeps alive Baseball's postseason goal of having a different umpire officiate the plate for each game of the best-of-seven League Championship Series.

Everitt is a regular season crew chief who may well have been on track to work the ALCS this postseason, if not for a possible injury sustained during the NL Wild Card Game in Washington when he was hit in the head by a ball. We previously discussed the possibility that Everitt was originally slated to be on this ALCS crew, but removed as a result of the head hit in the NLWC, which left the crew without a second crew chief, as is customary during the League Championship and World Series.
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Kerwin Danley had a plate after Nelson's exit.
Everitt has a history of head injuries as the result of foul and pitched balls, and there's a chance he was left off the ALCS roster as a precaution. If Everitt entered the injured list as a result of this game, he would have been ineligible to work for a minimum of seven days after the Wild Card Game on October 1.

The ALCS began October 12, but crews were informed of their selection to the LCS round of the postseason following the Wild Card stage, which is when the terms of the injured list would have applied.

With Nelson injured, this signifies two things. First, Everitt is healthy enough to work, which alone is a good sign, and second, Everitt now will receive credit in the UEFL Standings and records as having officiated the 2019 ALCS (add four points to Everitt's ledger, as he was named to the ALCS [+3], as a postseason crew chief [+1]). Specific ALCS crew assignments for Games 4-7 will be announced when available.

Video of Nelson's injury as follows:

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