Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Podcast - Scott Kennedy's Catcher Management

Former Minor League Baseball and current NCAA umpire Scott Kennedy joins The Plate Meeting Podcast to discuss his career and approach to game management through rapport with catchers and how to use that relationship with the only other person on the field to wear a mask to communicate with the dugout.

We discuss the importance of treating everyone with respect—not just team players and coaches, but clubhouse staff, bat/ball attendants, etc.—and the attitude conducive to a better experience on the field, while maintaining discipline through tools such as the informal (all levels) and official warning system (NFHS/NCAA).

Click the below play (▶) button to listen to "Episode 23 - Scott Kennedy's Catcher Management" or visit the show online at You can also access The Plate Meeting on Apple Podcasts/iTunes, Google, Castbox, Spotify, TuneIn, and other podcast services.

Alternate Link: Episode 23 - Scott Kennedy's Catcher Management

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