Friday, July 9, 2021

MLB Ejection 091 - James Hoye (2; Terry Francona)

3B Umpire James Hoye ejected Indians manager Terry Francona (out call/two runners in contact with a base; QOCN) in the bottom of the 8th inning of the #Royals-#Indians game. With none out and two on (R1, R3), Indians batter Amed Rosario hit a first-pitch changeup from Royals pitcher Brad Keller on the ground to shortstop Nicky Lopez who threw to catcher Salvador Perez as Indians baserunner R3 Daniel Johnson ran in between third and home. Perez ran Johnson back to third base as trailing runner R1 Cesar Hernandez slid into third; Perez tagged both players, with Hoye ruling both runners out—following runner Hernandez for being tagged while two runners were in contact with the same base and preceding runner Johnson out as Johnson broke contact with third base after the initial tag attempt. Replays indicate following runner Hernandez was not tagged while preceding runner Johnson was also in contact with the base, while preceding runner Johnson was tagged while off his base, the call was incorrect.* At the time of the ejection, the game was tied, 1-1. The Indians ultimately won the contest, 2-1.

This is James Hoye (92)'s 2nd ejection of 2021.
James Hoye now has 2 points in the UEFL Standings (4 Prev + 2 MLB - 4 Incorrect Call = 2).
Crew Chief James Hoye now has 3 points in Crew Division (3 Previous + 0 QOCN = 3).
*Official Baseball Rule 5.06(a)(2): "Two runners may not occupy a base, but if, while the ball is alive, two runners are touching a base, the following runner shall be out when tagged and the preceding runner is entitled to the base, unless Rule 5.06(b)(2) applies." OBR 5.06(b)(2) simply states that in a force play situation, the leading runner forced to advance (the preceding runner) is out when tagged and the following runner is entitled to the forced base.

This is the 91st ejection report of the 2021 MLB regular season.
This is the 46th manager ejection of 2021.
This is Cleveland's 1st ejection of 2021, 4th in the AL Central (KC, MIN 4; CWS 2; CLE 1; DET 0).
This is Terry Francona's 1st ejection since May 25, 2019 (Eric Cooper; QOC = N [Check Swing]).


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