Friday, July 9, 2021

Teachable - Chris Segal's Foul Line Pickoff Play

On this edition of Tmac's Teachable Moments, 3B Umpire Chris Segal has an out call upheld on Padres baserunner Jurickson Profar's slide into third base against the Dodgers.

Los Angeles appeared to have Profar picked off on a throw to second as middle infielder Chris Taylor held the ball with Profar well off of second base. 3B Umpire Segal therefore knows a tag is coming and puts himself into position behind the base, in line to see third baseman Justin Turner's timely tag, an out call upheld via Replay Review.

By moving into foul territory, effectively along the second-to-third baseline extended, Segal ensured a look at the keyhole angle necessary to see Turner's tag on Profar's hand before Profar made contact with third base. One might even say Segal found himself a bird's eye view.

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: U3 Segal moves into position to see and call Profar out on a tag play at third base (CCS)


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