Thursday, May 18, 2023

Gardenhire Ejected After MiLB Double Play on Liner to 3B

Following his father's footsteps in the Twins organization, St Paul Saints manager Toby Gardenhire was ejected for arguing a double play in Columbus as umpires ruled that a line drive to third base thought to have been caught was really dropped, enabling the Triple-A Clippers to turn two when the batter-runner failed to run to first base.

With none out and one on (R1) in the top of the 5th inning of the Saints-Clippers game, Saints batter Jose Miranda hit a line drive to third base, where Clippers third baseman Jhonkensy Noel dove in an attempt to catch the ball. With 3B Umpire Jacob Metz working inside at second base due to the runner at first base in a crew of three, that left the home plate umpire with calling responsibility along the left field foul line.

HP Umpire Tanner Dobson ruled that the fair ball was not caught on the fly, signaling "fair" then "safe", but only Clippers catcher Zack Collins seemed to pay attention to his call—third baseman Noel, as well as Saints baserunner R1 Andrew Stevenson and batter-runner Miranda, played without regard to the safe call, enabling the Clippers to turn a double play when Miranda simply didn't run to first base until it was too late. After review, the call stood and 3B Umpire Metz ejected Gardenhire for continuing to argue.

To review, this is the proper mechanic for a crew of three with a runner on first base: the third base umpire is in the middle infield, leaving batted balls to third base and down the left field line for the plate umpire to officiate.


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