Sunday, May 21, 2023

MLB Ejection 074 - Emil Jimenez (3; David Bell)

HP Umpire Emil Jimenez ejected Reds manager David Bell (quick pitch no-call) in the bottom of the 8th inning of the #Yankees-#Reds game. With none out and none on, Reds batter Luke Maile took a first-pitch changeup from Yankees pitcher Wandy Peralta for a called first ball. Bell contended that Yankees pitcher Peralta quick pitched not just Maile but preceding batter Kevin Newman. Replays conclusively indicate that Peralta did not quick pitch Maile pursuant to Official Baseball Rule 6.02(a)(7)'s "reasonably set" standard, as Maile was reasonably set prior to Peralta starting delivery from Set Position, but do not conclusively indicate whether a quick pitch occurred pursuant to OBR 5.07(a)(2)'s "deliberate effort to catch the batter off guard" judgment standard. At the time of the ejection, the Yankees were leading, 4-1. The Yankees ultimately won the contest, 4-1.

This is Emil Jimenez (82)'s 3rd ejection of 2023.
OBR 5.07(a)(2): "With no runners on base, the pitcher is not required to come to a complete stop when using the Set Position. If, however, in the umpire’s judgment, a pitcher delivers the ball in a deliberate effort to catch the batter off guard, this delivery shall be deemed a quick pitch, for which the penalty is a ball."
OBR 6.02(a)(7): "A quick pitch is an illegal pitch. Umpires will judge a quick pitch as one delivered before the batter is reasonably set in the batter’s box. With runners on base the penalty is a balk; with no runners on base, it is a ball. The quick pitch is dangerous and should not be permitted."

This is the 74th ejection report of the 2023 MLB regular season.
This is the 35th manager ejection of 2023. Ejection Tally: 35 Managers, 32 Players, 7 Coaches.
This is Cincinnati's 3rd ejection of 2023, T-3rd in the NL Central (MIL, STL 4; CIN, PIT 3; CHC 2).
This is David Bell's 3rd ejection of 2023, 1st since May 19 (Brian O'Nora; QOC = U [Illegal Substance]).


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