Monday, June 12, 2023

MiLB Ejection for Pitch Clock Operator Error in Jersey

HP Umpire Tre Jester ejected Jersey Shore BlueClaws manager Greg Brodzinski for arguing a pitch clock violation no-call thanks to a pitch clock operator who failed to reset the timer after a pitcher disengagement.

After Renegades pitcher Mason Vinyard walked BlueClaws batter Rixon Wingrove in the 9th inning of Hudson Valley's game against Jersey Shore, the pitch clock expired prior to the first pitch to ensuing batter Andrick Nava, initially signaled a pitch clock violation on the defense by HP Umpire Tre Jester.

After consultation with 1B Umpire Jesse Bush, the umpires reversed the violation call based on the fact that the pitch clock should have reset due to the pitcher's disengagement prior to the expiration of time. If anything, it should have been a violation on the batter, as replays indicate batter Nava failed to become alert to the pitcher with as little as four seconds remaining on the pitch clock.

To really drive the point home of an argument with an off-field computer system or operator, the pitch clock failed to reset entirely after a pitch to Nava, with both umpires frantically twirling fingers in the air to alert the operator to reset the pitch clock right before it ran out of time.

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Ejection from pitch clock violation no call due to operator error in Jersey


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