Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Wolcott's Reverse Boycott PitCom Query & Near Perfecto

In the midst of fans' reverse boycott in Oakland, A's pitcher Hogan Harris had trouble hearing his PitchCom system due to the crowd noise. Meanwhile, HP Umpire Quinn Wolcott quietly called a near-perfect game, missing just one pitch that was located well within the buffer range, meaning that per UEFL f/x metrics, he was perfect.

Pitchers are not generally penalized when a technical malfunction of PitchCom occurs, although we have seen pitchers called for pitch clock violations for actions they have committed related to PitchCom, such as committing a balk due to odd hand movements to try and press buttons on the PitchCom or simply forgetting to place the PitchCom on their person prior to entering the game.

Thus, when Harris' PitchCom wasn't loud enough to compete with the Coliseum crowd, HP Umpire Wolcott simply allowed him time to adjust its settings without penalty, resuming the game.

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: PitchCom gets drowned out by fans chanting "Sell the Team"; Wolcott nearly perfect


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