Friday, May 27, 2011

Ejections: Ed Hickox (1)

HP Umpire Ed Hickox ejected Nationals third baseman Jerry Hairston Jr. for an illegal pitch no call in the bottom of the 7th inning of the Padres-Nationals game. With one out and one on, Hairston hit a 1-2 fastball from Padres pitcher Clayton Richard to center fielder Cameron Maybin. Replays indicate that Richard did not throw an illegal "quick" pitch, despite Hairston stepping out of the batter's box and requesting time, which was not granted.* At the time of the ejection, the Nationals were leading, 1-0. The Nationals ultimately won the contest, 2-1, on a walk-off home run.

This is Ed Hickox (15)'s first ejection of 2011.
Ed Hickox now has 4 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (0 Previous + 2 MLB + 2 Correct Call = 4).
Ed Hickox is owned as a Secondary Umpire by 15_and_done, who is now tied for 19th place in the UEFL with 3 points.
*Quality of Correctness was Challenged and Confirmed ("Correct" ==> "Correct").

This is the 51st ejection of 2011.
This is the 22nd player ejection of 2011.
Prior to his ejection, Hairston was 0-3 in the contest.

Wrap: Padres at Nationals 5/27/11 Wrap
Video: Hariston is Ejected by Hickox


Anonymous said...

His time out request was too late. The pitch was already thrown and I agree with Ed Hickox for not granting time, again it was asked too late.

Brett said...

I agree, he waited to late to request time. He had plenty of time to get ready. I do not believe that it was a quick pitch. Good Call Ed.

Jared said...

Good job, good call. It was poor judgement by Hairston, but at least he connected with the pitch.

Anonymous said...

Quick pitch my ass! The pitcher came set after the hitter got in the box, was actually checking the runner while set, then threw the pitch. Get in the box and get ready to hit. Hairston must have problems doing this.

Mitch said...

From looking at the video, it appears that Hairston has more of a complaint that Richard took his signs and already came set, as he was coming back into the box. It can be a correct call in the fact that Hairston was in the box getting set, but the video doesn't go back far enough and show from the pitch before that when Richard began taking his signs whether Hairston was back in the box.

Mitch said...

After going to and watching the Padres broadcast, Hairston had called for time out on the previous pitch from Richard and it was granted as he came set. Hairston went through his normal routine getting back into the box, and the minute he placed his right foot back into the box, Richard came set (as he didn't need a sign from the catcher because he had come set prior to time being called). Once Hairston's right foot was in place in the box, he had 3 seconds (by my count) before Richard was in his motion to the plate. The Nationals broadcast clip that is used as the example doesn't show the entire stream of events leading to the ejection. The Padres broadcast shows a much better angle including all of the time between the Time Out call and the pitch.

Perhaps, by the letter of the law the call may be correct, but Ed Hickox makes a poor interpretation of this law in my opinion in not allowing Hairston to get fully set in the box and it should be considered a quick pitch.

Therefore, I kindly would request a challenge.

Mitch said...

As my final point, Hickox never points that time is back in in the Padres broadcast, at least not when Hairston is actually back in the box.

This is a bad move by Hickox and I say that they call was incorrect.

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of Hickox but he was 100% correct here. Hairston will probably sit out a few for that bump with Ed initially.

I like how O'Nora was the first senior guy down there in the argument. Perhaps they are setting him up for an upcoming CC job in the next couple of years. Eddie Rap came down once Hairston came back out.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous That surprised me too. Usually Rapuano can't wait to get into in argument.

Anonymous said...

@Recent Anonymous...What makes you say that about Rapuano? I think he's fairly cool mannered, and deserved the CC this year.

Anonymous said...

O'Nora is hopefully one of the next for a CC position- stellar umpire, keeps his cool, and has been a great #2 guy recently.

Anonymous said...

@2nd most recent anonymous.

Lindsay said...

This ruling has been challenged.

After review, the Quality of Correctness has been confirmed. The call is now correct.

Initially, Hickox appeared to be correct in allowing the pitch while not granting time out.

After review, including examination of the real-time play, replays, and alternate angles, the decision of confirming the original Quality of Correctness was made. Provided ample opportunity and indicating by virtue of actions his readiness, the batter is considered sufficiently prepared for the pitch; this is not a quick pitch. The batter appeared to request time out after the pitcher had begun his pitching motion; therefore, time out was properly denied. The call is proper and correct.


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