Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2012-13 TFFL: Day 22, Technical Fouls 131 - 132

Day 22 of the NBA season featured 3 games which produced 2 technical fouls.

131: 17 Joe Crawford, 11 Derrick Collins, 58 Josh Tiven. 76ers' Collins; 4th, 10:10.
The Philadelphia 76ers ultimately won the contest, 106-98.

132: 48 Scott Foster, 6 Tony Brown, 50 Olandis Poole. Knicks' Woodson; 1st, 2:53.
The New York Knicks ultimately won the contest, 102-80.

1. (30 pts) cyclone14.
2. (28 pts) Bino, youthministeradam.
4. (26 pts) ump89, Niicker, JRD.


ump89 said...

Gil can you see what % of games Woodson has gotten a T? Seems like all of them!

JRD said...

yea woody seems to get whacked every time out

SebeliusStillStinks said...

The T on the Knicks last night was not on Woodson himself. It was for a defensive 3 seconds, which is not charged to anyone and cannot go toward an ejection. The editors of this blog need to differentiate technical fouls called directly on coaches and those for defensive 3 seconds.

Russ said...

That is false, Woodson did get T'd up last night. Defensive 3 seconds does not show up in the Box Score against a specific player or coach and Woodson's name appears in the Box Score meaning he was actually T'd up. That would be his 3rd in 3 games which is surprising considering he is pretty laid back..

Gil said...

D-3 technicals are not credited to a player or coach and thus do not appear in these daily reports. Woodson's technical was indeed issued directly to Mike Woodson with 2:53 remaining in the first quarter. As a missed three-point attempt by Felton occurred at 2:54 with a Wallace rebound at 2:53, there cannot have been a defensive three second call at this time. In fact, no D-3 technicals were called during the entire contest in question.

As Russ correctly mentioned, this is Woodson's third technical foul in as many games.

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