Saturday, April 13, 2013

MiLB Ejection of the Week (April 12): Quinn Wolcott (1, 2)

HP Umpire Quinn Wolcott supplies our MiLB Ejection of the Week (well, technically Russ supplies our MiLB Ejection of the Week) with his ejection of Iowa Cubs Pitching Coach Mike Mason and pitcher Cory Wade for arguing balls and strikes in the top of the 9th inning of the Isotopes-Cubs game. With two out and none on,
File Photo: Quinn Wolcott
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Wade walked Isotopes batter Matt Angle on a 3-2 pitch ruled low followed by a walk to Scott Van Slyke on a 3-2 pitch ruled outside for ball four, resulting in the ejection of Cubs coach Mason and the removal of Wade from the game on a pitching change. After new pitcher Jensen Lewis gave up a three-run home run to ensuing Isotopes batter Nick Buss, Wade, charged with two earned runs, complained from the dugout and was ejected. Pitch f/x data is unavailable, QOC cannot be determined. At the time of Mason's ejection, the Isotopes were leading, 12-5. At the time of the Wade ejection, the Isotopes were leading, 15-5. The Isotopes ultimately won the contest, 15-5.

These are Quinn Wolcott's first and second ejections of 2013.
*Rising Star Alert* Wolcott was promoted to AAA in advance of the 2011 season; At age 24, he was the youngest hired. At the age of 26 in 2013, Wolcott was promoted to PCL crew chief.
Also on this crew: 1B Umpire D.J Reyburn, 2B Umpire Brandon Misun, 3B Umpire Spencer Flynn.

Wrap: Albuquerque Isotopes vs. Iowa Cubs (Triple-A Pacific Coast League), 4/12/13
MLB Club Affiliations: Los Angeles Dodgers (Albuquerque Isotopes) / Chicago Cubs (Iowa Cubs)

MiLB Ejection of the Week Archive (with special thanks as always to UEFL contributor Russ)


Lindsay said...

Wow, that has to sting a little for Reyburn, for this young guy to be his crew chief. Unless they do something in MiLB where they don't make the regular call-ups crew chiefs, for continuity or something like that. At which point disregard my comment about DJ.

Lindsay said...

In Triple A, if an Umpire is expected to work a good amount of the year in the majors they are what is called a rover. So Reyburn, Muchlinski, Estabrook, Baker, etc. are all rovers and when they work Triple A games are not aztually considered Crew Chiefs. Rovers don't stick with the same crew the entire time either, they have their own schedule. Beofre this series Wolcott's crew was in Nashville but Reyburn was with the crew of Mark Ripperger, Marcus Patillo and Alex Ortiz in Memphis.

Speaking of rovers, we have seen our first Angel Campos sighting. Paul Nauert was in Oakland Yesterday but now Campos has replaced him Today. Still no Reyburn, Estabrook or L.Barrett in the MLB as of yet.

Lindsay said...

Quinn is a good young umpire no one knows about them yet because he's not in the MLB like the other guys you still got to put in some time but he's Really good total stud

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