Monday, December 23, 2013

Top 20 Ejections of 2013: An MLB Network Retrospective

Happy Holidays! The UEFL reviews the Top 20 Ejections of 2013, as selected by MLB Network and aired during their offseason "MLB Network Countdown" series, a countdown of baseball history. Included in MLB Network's list are several bench clearing brawls and throwing at ejections, the walk to break up Yu Darvish's perfect game, Big Papi's dugout phone meltdown in Baltimore and the final two ejections of the late Wally Bell's career. Enjoy and have a joyous Christmas/(Much belated) Chanukah/Kwanzaa and to all a Happy New Year!

*Note: Qualities of Correctness are provided in the following format: Y=Correct, N=Incorrect, U=Irrecusable.

MLB Network Countdown: Top 20 Most Unforgettable Ejections of 2013
Note: Click each umpire's name & ejection # to be taken to the associated ejection report from the season.
20: E 172: Andy Fletcher (5); Dodgers 1B Adrian Gonzalez (Safe Call [Crewmate], QOC = N).
19: E 067: Gary Darling (2); Blue Jays RF Jose Bautista (Strike One Call [Eventual K], QOC = Y).
18: E 068, 069: Wally Bell (1, 2); Giants P George Kontos & Mgr Bruce Bochy (Throwing At, QOC = U).
17: E 146: Paul Nauert (2); Braves LF Justin Upton (Strike One Call [Eventual GO], QOC = Y).
16: E 129: Ron Kulpa (1); Rangers C AJ Pierzynski (Ball Two Call [Eventual BB], QOC = Y).
15: E 091, 092: Chad Fairchild (3, 4); Tigers P Luke Putkonen & Mgr Jim Leyland (Throwing At, QOC = U).
14: E 134/5: Marvin Hudson (2, 3); Nationals P Stephen Strasburg/M Davey Johnson (Throwing At, QOC = U).
13: E 062: Tony Randazzo (1); Indians SS Mike Aviles (Strike One [Foul] Call [Eventual AO], QOC = U).
12: E 051: Hunter Wendelstedt (2); Orioles P Jason Hammel (Throwing At, QOC = U).
11: E 057/8: Clint Fagan (1, 2); Cardinals C Yadier Molina & Manager Mike Matheny (Out Call, QOC = Y).
10: E 139: Brian O'Nora (1); Yankees Manager Joe Girardi (Warnings/Intent HBP Non-Ejection, QOC = U).
#9: E 059/60: Dan Iassogna (2, 3); Pirates C Russell Martin & Mgr Clint Hurdle (Ball Two Call, QOC = Y).
#8: E 081: Angel Hernandez (2); Orioles Manager Buck Showalter (Reversed Foul-to-Out Call, QOC = Y).
#7: E 020/21: Tim Timmons (1, 2); Pirates P Jonathan Sanchez & Mgr Clint Hurdle (Throwing At, QOC = U).
#6: E 170/71: CB Bucknor (3, 4); Braves Mgr Fredi Gonzalez & P Alex Wood (Ball Four Call, QOC = Y).
#5: E 071-76: Clint Fagan (3-8); Diamondbacks-Dodgers Brawl (Throwing At & Fighting, QOC = U).
#4: E 003-6: Sam Holbrook (1-4); Dodgers-Padres Brawl (Fighting, QOC = U).
#3: E 105: Tim Timmons (5); Red Sox DH David Ortiz (Strike One Call [Eventual K], QOC = Y).
#2: E 177-79: Doug Eddings/Paul Nauert (3, 4; 3); Brewers [Carlos Gomez]-Braves Brawl (Fighting, QOC = U).
#1: E 030: Angel Hernandez (1); A's Manager Bob Melvin (Replay Reviewed and Upheld 2B Call, QOC = N).

Not Mentioned: UEFL Ejection of the Year, Ejection 110: Jerry Layne (1; Mike Scioscia), QOC = Y.
Not Mentioned: UEFL Ejection of the Year #2, Ejection 055: Joe West (1; Dale Sveum), QOC = N [Crewmate].

Total Correct: 8 / Total Incorrect: 2 / Total Irrecusable: 10 = 80.0% Accuracy (Compare to 72.2% in 2012)
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Gil Imber said...

It is like the MLB greatest EJs of all time. #1 was George Brett's "Pine Tar Incident". However, #2 was the Haller/Weever "BOOM" ejection. You ask most umpires, and I would be willing to bet we would say the Weever one was better than the Brett one. But us umpires never get a vote.

The Layne ejection of Sciocia should go down as one of the greatest EJs of all time. Sadly it wont.

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